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I ain't insane, the world is just too serious...
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★ Pendulum - The Other Side [In Silico] (ShadowExcadrill)
★ Pendulum - The Terminal (ShadowExcadrill)
★ Pendulum - Hold your Colour [Hold your Colour] (ShadowExcadrill)
★ Pendulum - Tarantula [Hold your Colour] (ShadowExcadrill)
★ Rusko - Somebody to Love (Sigma remix) (ShadowExcadrill)
★ Pendulum - Painkiller [Hold your Colour] (ShadowExcadrill)
★ The Prodigy - Invaders must Die (Chase and Status) [Invaders must Die] (ShadowExcadrill)
★ The Prodigy - First Warning [NFS: Undercover OST] (ShadowExcadrill)
Though perhaps one of the most powerful psychic forces in the world, her violent mood swings and viciously sadistic streak make her a potential threat to all forces.

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