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Quote originally posted by Moonmover:

Generation I gave us:

-Geodude, a rock with arms and eyes
-Voltorb, a ball with eyes
-Electrode, the evovled form of Voltorb which is slightly larger and upside down
-Grimer, a pile of snot
-Muk, the evovled form of Grimer which is the same thing but bigger
-Magnemite, a magnet
-Magneton, three Magnemites stuck together
-Eggsecutor (sp?), a bunch of angry eggs which evolve into a coconut tree (????????!!!??)
-Mr. Mime, a.........mime.
-Jynx, a woman in blackface
-Porygon, an untextured 3D computer model
-Koffing and its evovled form, Weezing, both of which are purple wads of yuk that spew poison gas

Generation II gave us the Unown, a whole legion of Pokémon based on the letters of the alphabet.

Pokémon have always looked that weird piles of random madness. That goofiness is part of what makes the franchise so endearing to me.

I agree with this
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