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Julia listened intently to what the man had to say, clearly interested. When he commented on the legitimacy of the job she blanked briefly, having never considered it. She took this in stride however, not thinking anything of him mentioning it. Taking the packet of papers Julia looked the outside of it over briefly before turning her attention to the man who'd given it to her.

"Thank you..!"

She was all smiles, excited at the prospect of her reward. Moving away a bit she opened up and began reading the contents of the packet she had been given. She wouldn't even have to do a great deal of searching! Getting there might not be the easiest, but she was sure she could handle it. Her pokemon wouldn't let her down, and of this she was confident. Some sort of bond existed between them, the bond of a friendship transcending that of a trainer and their pokemon to a trainer and their /friends/.

After reading the packet for a bit Julia summoned her bravery and set out for the mountains, intent on completing her task.
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