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Famidus "The Demon" Verruck

When all the knights had been called into the room, Famidus' eyes practically widened. A special meeting? Heh. Good. This meant that there was going to be a special mission. One that would probably require Famidus to be completely focused on tearing his toys apart, probably by his own two hands. Hm... What if General Maverick just needed the Darmanitan to advise, or stay behind and tell the General what they needed to do? Either way, Famidus would get to play.

The door slammed shut and was sealed off by the Gallade after Famidus walked in, carrying his helmet with his right arm and using his left arm to position himself so he could swing his legs forwards. It was tough being a Darmanitan sometimes.

What? A new enclave? The Kanto Enclave? Underground?

Famidus paid attention as he heard those words. Instantly, tactics of how the knights would get through went through Famidus' mind. He began making multiple plans for this mission without knowing enough. Do they know anything else about this place?

... Apparently not, and now was the time for Famidus' question.

"General, I must ask, how many common knights are coming with us? This is an unknown location, and if it is real, I imagine we'll need a good many regular knights to claim this location."

Alexander Maximillian
Expecting a sharp reply from his comrade, Alexander was quickly surprised when the Blaziken pulled him in close and whispered somewhat quickly. "Get out of here Alex. Something big is going down. Really big. Why call of these soldiers together for one thing? Whatever it is, it means that we need all the help we can have to pull it off. Why call soldiers who don't have that much experience? Why call those on break and those that are the top of their class? Let me enlighten you, they're want as many soldiers as they can because they expect a lot of us to die out there." Urta then looked over and saw the young Linoone Damn coming. "I didn't say anything," she whispered, pushing Alexander back. Meanwhile, Alexander was getting over the shock of what just happened. Urta never acted like that... And she was right. Everything she had said was right. Something was up.

Damon placed his front paws on the table and grinned, "So, what are you two talking about?" He asked. Urta growled, "Nothing concerning you Damon." She then glanced over at Alexander, who knew what to do.

"It's all good kid," said Alexander, his expression turning to one of light-heartedness. On the inside though, Alex was concerned. This mission, whatever it was, was gonna be-

A side door opened and Charlie the Porygon walked in, quickly introducing the leader of the Mechanists, Riley Richards. The Tyrouge walked in and Alexander immediately saluted the leader and stayed that way until he left. It was something his father did, and he felt that that was what he was supposed to do. When Riley went off to talk to Charlie Alexander turned to both Urta and Damon.

"I have a bad feeling about this."
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