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Jack Davis

Jack grinned, "Alright then! Looks like we are in business. We just need to make sure that we sneak up on them. Don't want them getting skiddish and if they are asleep that will make the capture rate much higher."

As soon as Avaith asked the question Alpha burst out laughing, "That is a good one!" As soon as the Hypno's laughter died down he wiped the tears from his eyes and coughed, "Yes, he is. What you just saw wasn't as bad as he can get. He will refuse to acknowledge you if you aren't psychic, he will always go on about how psychics are the superior type and will rant about it to you for a good hour if you are psychic, and he will never accept help in a double battle unless his partner is also a psychic. He can battle alongside the others but he will never do things as a team. So, yes, he is always in jacka** mode."

Charlie was walking right behind Jack, ignoring everyone else. One couldn't tell it by his expression but his thoughts were being formed from pure rage. He couldn't understand why Mello was just like Alpha. Fine, if she didn't want to spend time meditating with him then he would just ignore her too! In fact, he would ignore all of them! He didn't need to prove anything to them! He was psychic and a day would come where they were going to need his help, and he was going to laugh at them and walk away. That would be the day.

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