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''Y-yeah, you're right there. I was just wondering, that's all.'' Oscar responded, the expression on his face showing a hint of embarrassment. They were was one supposed to challenge a Pokémon who could supposedly fly and create thunderstorms? What happened to commen sense?

He glanced over at Kilik as he spoke about something called Zekrom. Zekrom? Not the Pokémon he was thinking of but the name didn't really ring any bells. He really had to start learning about Pokémon from the other regions.

''Gotta admit, I don't know what that is either...'' He replied and gave a small, nervous smile. ''I was actually thinking of another Pokémon...what is it called...uhh...Zapdos. It's rumored to be a legendary bird in Kanto...but what do you know about this Zekrom, Kilik?'' He leaned back and forth slowly while Meden watched the humans with mild curiosity.
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