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Yay, an RP I actually like. I hope I get this Gym Leader position. It's been a while since I've RP'd with Miley

Name: Shadow Storm
Age: 17
Gender: female
Gym Type: Ghost
Team: Chandelure, Froslass, Mismagus, Cohagrigus

Gender: Female
Level: 36
Attacks: Ice Shard, Shadow Ball, Blizzard, Hail, Icy Wind, Toxic

Species: Mismagus
Gender: Male
Level: 39
Attacks: Power Gem, Psychic, Psybeam, Psywave, Curse, Shadow Ball

Species: Cohagrigus
Gender: Female
Level: 40
Attacks: Curse, Shadow Ball, Hex, Will O Wisp, Ominous Wind.

Species: Chandelure
Gender: Female
Level: 42
Attacks: Hex, Flamethrower, Imprison, Flame Burst, Shadow Ball.

Appearance: Shadow has shoulder length black hair that has bright purple streaks running through it, and her bangs fall down, covering her right eye most of the time. Her eyes are a strange and beautiful mix of violet and amethyst purples. He skin is pure white, only marred by a scar on her throat from when she was abused as a young child, and scars on her wrists from being tied up and beaten.

She is a very tall 5’9” and a very slight 140 pounds. She usually wears black jeans with a black or purple tee-shirt. Her favorite shoes are her black heels. She wears a gold necklace with a natural amethyst crystal pendant, and amethyst earrings. She usually wears spiked leather wrist bands to hide her scars, along with a spiked leather choker.

Personality: Due to her rather violent upbringing, Shadow is very reclusive and antisocial. To counter this, her great grandmother suggested she apply for the position of Gym Leader in the new region. She is very sweet and loving with pokemon, and is a genuinely good soul. She loves to sing and writes very beautiful poetry, even though she never sings to anyone other than her pokemon.

She is very protective and loyaly to anyone who has gained her trust and respect, two things she doesn’t just freely give. Her only real human friend is her great grandmother Raven. She has deep and profound respect for her great grandmother, seeing her as her mother figure growing up. She is also strangely encouraging, giving young trainers advice on how best to train their pokemon.

History: Shadow was born into a poor family in Sinnoh. She was an unwanted accident, and was there for treated as such. She never received love from her mother and father, instead all she got was beatings. If she cried, she was beaten. She was tied up and had her throat cut for losing the only toy her parents gave her, a dirty, grimy stuffed bunny that was missing and eye and a leg. Her great grandmother took her away at the age of 9, to her home in Unova. She gave her a Litwick as a birthday present, and sent her on her journey. She became a great trainer, but didn't want the burden of being a champion, so even though she could have been a great champion, she chose instead to be a caretaker of abandoned pokemon.
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