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Because I see a few open spots in Suicune Dorm.

Yeaaaaaah reusing my old character. d:

Also @Egg discussion, I had a character waaaaaay back in the RP, when it had just started. Name was Kyle Walters, he was a daycare teacher, he can give you an egg if you want. He gave an egg to Nideous d:

Name: Sam Ryder

Nickname: Sam

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Sam is fairly tall, and rather muscular. He has blonde hair, with blue streaks added by him. His eyes are a deep blue, almost like the color of the ocean. He has big feet, but don't say that to him. He has a tan, due to staying out in the sun for all the time. He is quite athletic, explaining his muscular body. He usually wears his favorite black hoodie with a skull design, and black shorts. Other than that, it's usually clothes with dull colors, and not vibrant ones. He is quite careless, and will often be seen wearing mismatched socks, or wrong shoes. Sam also wears a dog tag, bearing his name. He wears a bracelet, which had been given to him by his father.

Personality: Sam is great big show off, and one who isn't very agreeable or friendly. He is also a huge bully, who can't sit peacefully without troubling, insulting or teasing anybody. This is all because of low self esteem, he is one who always finds flaws in his habits. He is incredibly fit and active though, regularly exercising, or reading a book. In front of the teachers, he manages to make it seem like he's the best student, but behind their backs, he is one who troubles all students. He doesn't take insults quite well though, he'll immediately counterattack and will not be at peace until he has absolutely crushed his opponents. He likes to be appreciated by others, that makes him feel proud and happy. He always hangs out with a bunch of other kids who support him.

The things he like are music and reading, and not to mention exercising. While he is quite an all rounder, he is never happy with himself, always thinking he lacks something or the other. Sam gets jealous quite easily and quickly, and will keep pushing himself further to perfect himself. He can be quite vengeful, always trying to get revenge, or bring other people down.

History: Sam belonged to a rather rich family, his father worked in Silph Co. He lived in Saffron City before the Academy. As a child, he used to travel to and fro between Saffron and Goldenrod, he is quite familiar with Johto as well. He used to be trained in the Fighting Dojo, where he used to exercise, which has made him so muscular. He used to meet all kinds of Gym Leaders in the dojo, which caused him to see what kind of great people are there in the world. He also used to visit Sabrina, the Gym Leader of Saffron, who helped him improve his mental strength, which is why he is very good at learning and observing.

As a kid, his teacher used to always push him, try to make him the best. Even when he did something good, he wasn't praised, rather told to do even better. These interactions with the teacher had a negative effect on Sam, who as he grew up, lost his self-confidence, turning him into quite a big bully.

He passed his entrance exams pretty easily, acing the tests. His practice with the leaders in the Dojo, and his mental exercises with Sabrina helped him tremendously in the tests.

Species: Treecko
Nickname: Nick
Lvl: 25
Personality: Nick is quite a laid back Pokemon, he loves to fight, and mostly stays quiet among the other Pokemon. He is quite aggressive and strong though. He hasn't evolved as yet. He is quite swift and agile, able to dodge most attacks.
Moves: Quick Attack, Absorb, Leaf Storm, Focus Punch, Dig, Iron Tail

Species: Pidgeotto
Nickname: Ace
Lvl: 21
Personality: Ace is quite a lazy Pokemon, he doesn't like to fight as much as the others. He likes to sleep a lot. He likes to fly a lot too.
Moves: Aerial Ace, Fly, Steel Wing, Heat Wave, Protect, Rest

Species: Lapras
Nickname: Azure
Lvl: 20
Personality: Azure is a very gentle Pokemon, she doesn't like to fight a lot. He acts like a mother to all the Pokemon, taking care of them, and generally being nice to everybody.
Moves: Body Slam, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Psychic