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Quote originally posted by Skymin:
God I hate zombies. :(

U gaiz r wierd

That's just because you know you'd be killed in the first wave. :P

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
And now the RPAs are officially closed!!

Good luck to all the candidates! I'll review the nominations with my team and we will get back to you with the winners soon!


Oh . . . and if you're looking for reasons for a zombie-plague to spread . . . you could easily have a carrier have tried to flee, only to spread it to another reason. This can be done . . . in many ways.
BTW, by carrier I don't mean zombie. I mean either someone who was infected, but hadn't turned yet, or someone whom was immune but still carried the virus.
Or you could have a pokemon fly/swim/teleport. It's . . . not all that unlikely. Except with maybe Unova, being so far away and all.



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