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Brian Sheppard - New York, U.S.A

Brian felt the small amount of confusion flow out of Cobalt's mind after he described his ability. Was I a bit too confusing with my explanation? he thought to himself. One bad thing about feeling emotions, you always feel like you did something wrong when a awkward emotion pops up.

It didn't take long for Cobalt to answer his question. He said he needed him to help protect the world because he had "potential." How can Empathy help keep the world safe? Brian wanted to ask him this but as he started to open his mouth, Cobalt had again started to talk.

He was telling Brian his ability. He was a terrakinetic. To Brian, that was a much more useful power. If something serious were to happen, which would be more of a help. Yep, the ability to control earth.

“So Brian, do you have any other questions?” the man asked.

Brian quickly answered. "How can I possibly help keep the world safe if I merely control emotions?" They continued to walk down the street and he started to miss his car. Why couldn't we have taken it?
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