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Kilik Chambers

So none of them had any idea who Zekrom was. The Zapdos thing was the same for Kilik. Who was Zapdos? A legendary like Zekrom? Perhaps it's best to explain a little. "Zekrom is a legendary Pokemon from Unova. He's a black dragon who sides with a chosen hero. He's also electric." He explained a bit to Daniel, Mark & Oscar. "It's just a thought."

Looks like the class was finally gonna move on into the swamps. Maybe they could finally run into some action in the area. "Here we go!" Kilik got on top of Mistress in her Swampert form as she walked on to the swampy ground.

"Uck! I should really think what I'll do." She complained. What the heck was she thinking?

"Just think of this as payment for stealing my food."

"You're still on about that?" It went quiet between Mistress & Kilik.

"Let's go." Kilik commanded as he held on to Mistress while she followed the others.

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