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Originally Posted by lyradthegreat View Post
I know Darmanitan and Chandelure are good fire types, i'ved used them both on previous runthroughs, in fact I still have them on my Black, the thing is though i want to use pokemon I rarely use or not at all. Lucario I used in my first pearl runthrough but never since.

The reason I wanted a blue colour team is because I wanted a challenge, a well trained Lucario will have no problem taking care of my massive ice weakness, that said, I have been thinking of using Tangrowth instead of Jumpluff as it's more offensive, and Omastar or Lanturn would be my offence against flyers, and ground if I choose Omastar because of its bulky defence stat and another offence against ice, though I will think about using Jellicent, that seems like a good choice and will give me an offence against psychics.

Thanks for your suggestion but I really want to try a colour team and see how I get on, at least I'm not combining it with a Nuzlocke run... that would be a mojor pain.
I also have to warn you that you have a major Ground weakness to get around. Having Omastar and Lanturn together (along with Nidoqueen and Lucario) would effectively give you 4 Pokemon weak to Ground, and having a team that falls easily to a certain type is a no-no. Make sure you have their movesets planned. At least this isn't a Nuzlocke.