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You don't cast an arte that is the same as the FoF. Each arte that can be altered only works in a specific FoF. If you check the arte in your menu, it should say at the bottom what it turns into when cast in a FoF and the little element icon next to it says what type of FoF it needs to be cast in. For example, I believe Jade's Stalagmite (ground) becomes Eruption (fire) when cast in a Fire FoF. But his Thunder Lance (wind) becomes Lightning Tempest (also wind) when cast in a Wind FoF, so it's not always completely different. It just depends on the arte.

Also, you can only use the altered artes when cast in a FoF that is actually glowing, rather than the white ones. To convert a white one to a glowing/powered one, cast an arte of the same element while in it. I think. (It's... been a long time since I played.)

I don't know if this belongs in the Quick Question thread or not...
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