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Kilik Chambers

The girl finally responded. "Thanks." She was now picking up the rest of the apples while Kilik helped. He was just being generous. She was acting a bit strange just now though. Was everyone strange in their own way? Perhaps it was common.

"Something's not right about her." Reiki responded to Kilik. Kilik of course stayed quiet & helped the girl with the rest of the apples.

"Thanks." Another thanks? "Im Scarlet, it's nice to meet you." Scarlet greeted.

"Kilik." He responded, giving the last apples to Scarlet. She seemed nice. Was Kilik wasting his time in these conversations? He wanted to get to Mt. Coronet soon. Maybe just this one little conversation, & then it's off to his next adventure. "So, what are you doing these days?" He asked Scarlet.

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