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I munched on a few berries and continued to talk to Champ. Suddenly I realized something was wrong. Where is that Al kid? Champ asked. I was so zoned-out that I hadnt realized that Al ditched us. A rush of anger filled my veins. Where could he have gone off to? He seemed that he would be useful and now he disappeared. Did he get killed while I was zoning out? That traitor! Champ yelled, Only a traitor would ditch his allies. I laughed to myself. Calm down Champ! We will go find him and talk some sense to make him return!

I stuffed a few more berries into my pockets and through into the forest to look for Al.

"HEY AL! WHERE ARE YOU!" I screamed.

I kind of hoped that he was okay, although he ditched me. I was worried for him, the guy was pretty cool. Aleast he didn't kill me while I wasn't paying attention.
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