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Originally Posted by Skegs View Post
So, lately I have wanted to pick up White again, so I did. With that, I chose Oshawott whom is now a Dewott with one Badge. I had a team planned, but I didn't like that one, and I'm still trying to make a new one. So I really need suggestions. Here is my progress so far...

Samurott @ Mystic Water
- Surf
- Razor Shell
- Mega Horn
- Ice Beam

So, yeah, I just really need suggestions...
Well, you could get another team member right now, since you have only one badge. I suggest Roggenrola, if you can trade to evolve him into his final form. Then, you will want a Fire and Grass-types for sure. I suggest you pick Darumaka for the Fire-type, and one between Sewaddle and Cottonee as Grass-type. If you like the idea, you should keep in your team a Pidove/Tranquill just for Fly, until you get past the 7th badge, when you can get Golett, which evolves at Lv. 43 into Golurk, a really strong Ground/Ghost type that can learn fly! Finally, you could need an Electric-type. If you have chosen Cottonee before, Galvantula is your best bet. Otherwise, you can go with Eelektross, which is not bad.

Originally Posted by Empoleoleol View Post
Hi everyone, I have a level 22 shroomish who is close to leveling up, and I was wondering if it would be worth it to keep him from evolving until he learns spore, then give him the focus punch TM. I know a lot of people do that with their brelooms, and ideas wondering if I should do that, because maybe it would come in handy for the elite 4. Or would it not really be that worth it, and i could get along fine without doing that? By the way, I'm playing pokemon Emerald.
Well, that sounds good as hell. I can figure a moveset of Spore, Giga Drain, Focus Punch and Bulk Up for this particular one.
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