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Luna Dyseris

"... and please greet Mr. Riley Richards!" Charlie ended in his monotonous voice. A Tyrogue walked up onto the stage and said, "Thank you all for coming out here. I have a very special presentation for you all. I still see we have some soldiers coming in so we'll set aside some time before we begin the presentation. There's more than enough food set aside, so please help yourselves. We'll give you all ten minutes before we begin." Maybe I've heard of him before, Luna thought while the Tyrogue walked off the stage, or not. I guess, if I have, I just forgot. Ten minutes huh? Well, that's long enough for me to get some more stuff. She got up and got an apple from the stand. She juggle it with her mind while walking back to her seat. As she was about to take a bite, a Togetic fell asleep and collapsed. An apple rolled away from the fallen medic, which prompted Luna to examine her apple closely before taking a bite. Urta went over and kicked the Togetic in his face. If he were awake, he'd probably be yelling in pain, she thought and took another bite of the apple, I'll go help out if he still doesn't wake up.

Just then, Mr. Riley Richards came back and walked to the podium. "Greetings everyone!" he said, "Thank you all for coming out here today. We have a short presentation for you so please hold all questions after we're done." The lights dimmed and a projector screen appeared on the wall. "Many of you don't know the political situation in the cities right now. Three years ago a Alakazam by the name of Matthew was elected to the Council." Luna knew that as she had lived in the city. No one in the Council really listened to him, and if they did, they didn't agree with him. "He is young, very young and holds different ideas from the rest of the Council. Many of his ideas are very close to those held by us. He is considered radical but loved by the populace, especially those discriminated against. He is the pokemon we have been waiting for. Five years ago we sent an agent to infiltrate the city of Markus with one goal in mind. To get close to the Council. He succeeded and for the past two years he has sent us information dealing with the layout of the Council Chambers. This plan has been five years in the making and today we enact it! We have been living in the darkness for far too long. This world belongs to us as well! Our plan is a simple one. None of the Councilors know how we live, they know nothing about us. All they hear are stories and rumors. We need someone with an open mind, like Matthew to understand how we work. If we can get him to understand what we really are like then we can plant a seed. It will take time for him to eventually rise to the rank of Orator, but he will be a great ally once he does! What we are about to do today is going to change history! We are going to capture this councilor!" Riley Richards exclaimed.

All eyes in the room were riveted on Riley in shock, surprise, and whatever else they were feeling. Why would we have to kidnap Matthew? Luna thought, appalled, If we capture him by fighting the Knights, I doubt we'll make a good impression on him. And I don't think that'll make it easier for him to swallow our ideas. Especially if we- The sound of glass shattering broke into Luna's thoughts and she suddenly became aware that Damon had dragged Riley into a separate room. Damon was swearing like a sailor. Luna was surprised, but understood why he was going over the top. If this plan wasn't good, there'd quite literally be blood on the floor.

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