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Kilik Chambers

"Well uh--Usually I-" Scarlet's already acting weird. Then again, everyone does. "Nap allot." She answered. No comment about that. "And eat, I like eating. Oh and trading, it's really fun. How about you Kilik?" Everyone wants to eat. These are lame answers, except trading. That's something Kilik does to survive. She just asked Kilik what he does for a living. A simple question.

"That's easy. Eat to survive, sleep to save energy, & trade for valuable goods." That was that. Not to hard for Kilik. Still, there come times when he wishes it was different. Perhaps that'll all change when he gets to Mt. Coronet. That thought made him remember something. His gloves! He never goes anywhere without his gloves! He must've forgotten them in his secret treehouse!

"Sorry, I gotta run!" He apologized to Scarlet as he ran back out the city, to the direction of Eterna Forest. He didn't want to leave the girl behind, but he doesn't like being held back from what he does.

"You're really gonna leave like that?" Reiki asked.

"I wish I didn't, but I never go anywhere without my lucky gloves." Kilik replied. Perhaps he could run into her again, maybe. Just to apologize for running like that. & so, he continues running towards Eterna Forest, hoping no one is around his secret treehouse.

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