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  • DForte
    Title of Story: The Blacklist
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: A trainer has his pokémon killed and is looking to avenge them
    Genre: Undecided
    Rating: PG
    Type of mentor needed: Proofreader, Language.
    Writing sample of story: Archer sends out three Nidokings in front of Blastoise, Magmortar and Electivire. As they are getting up, Archer orders the Nidokings to use Horn Drill. The horn drills pierce through all three pokémon, thus killing them.

  • Mockingjay
    Title of Story: Pokemon: Explorers of the Shining Dawn
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: "Celia" the Eevee influences the minds and thoughts of various Pokemon in the Pokemon world as she tries to save them all.
    Genre: Mystery Dungeon
    Rating: K+ ! (10 year olds?)
    Type of mentor needed: ANY.
    Writing sample of story:
    What was I to do? State the plain truth and face execution?

    It was safer and easier to do when the pieces weren't in full view.
    I knew what this meant; I had to lie to whoever I met.
    How many feelings would be hurt? I'd rather hurt feelings than risk lives.
    They say that lying isn't a good thing. However, I like to think of it as "playing pretend," and this specific round of "pretend" could mean the demise of myself and millions if anything went wrong.

    Other: Stressing here that I've never written a fanfic. Yeah.

  • PhantomX0990
    Title of Story: (May Change) Those That Came Before
    Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    Plot summary: While Percy is cleaning out the Oracle's attic he finds a file labeled 1941-1945. The file contains the story of an unclaimed demigod who fought against the tide of evil in WWII.
    Genre: Adventure?
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-13
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive/any
    Writing sample of story:

    Now he was almost eighteen, and Jacob was terriffied. Once he and Erick were eighteen they would be cast away from the Camp, too old to be campers they would be sent into the world. It was a sad thing and pretty uncommon since many demigods hardly make it to puberty. He would be eighteen in three days, Erik in two.

    Luckily the monsters were more attracted to what was going on in Europe. The Nazi war machine had invaded Poland and started a war. Most people didn't know it, but it was a war of the gods. Adolf Hitler, a son of Hades, lead the Nazis, he not only has tanks and soldiers, but monsters as well.

    As they got closer they could see that everyone was surrounding the radio, a gift from Hermes to the Camp. They dropped their gear and came in to listen, the voice was none other that Franklin D. Roosevelt himself, they'd heard him on the radio a dozen times before, "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy - the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan. "

    Other: I'd like to think that I'm an experienced writer, and this isn't my first fanfic.
  • Vato
    Title of Story: Pokemon: The Rest Of All
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: What If? We've all asked ourselves this question, a simple mistake, for small it is, can lead humanity to its own doom. What if Team Galactic was never stopped? What if the Red Chain also controled Giratina? What if the world as we knew it has been reformed by Cyrus? What if there isn't any was to restore it?
    The Fic follows the adventures of Drew, a young boy that mysteriously woke up in Pallet Beach with no memory at all. Across his journey he will try to collect the badges from the remaining gyms of the Pokemon world... but little does he know of what Arceus has planned for him.
    Genre: Action with a bit of Mystery and a small bit of Comedy every now and then. A OT Fic, but with actual characters from the Pokemon World every now and then.
    Rating: PG-15 for bits of strong language and mild suggestive themes
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive
    Writing sample of story:
    This is sort of a spoiler since it will be uploaded soon, anyways:

    His eyes opened. He sat over the fine sands of the beach. Who was he? Where was he? For some reason, he couldn’t remind a single thing about himself. He was wearing a white shirt and black cargo pants. His face, scratched, as if something had attacked. Something… or someone. The sound of the waves, it was relaxing, how could you focus with that soothing sound next to you?

    The sun was setting behind the horizon; the sunlight barely rubbed the waves of the ocean and the sand around him. It’s a nice day to be a victim of amnesia, that’s for sure.

    He stood up, trying to make his mind up. –Who am I?-, this question echoed inside of his head as he tried to walk around the beach. He hadn’t said a thing since he woke up, so it was natural he wondered how would his voice sound, maybe a deep voice, or, a super acute voice, perhaps?

    Other: English is not my first lenguage, in fact, it's Spanish, so I have grammar errors every now and then. I've been writing this in my laptop for over a year... but I'm now forced to restart since my hard drive broke and I lost every single bit of information in my computer.

  • WestsideConnection
    Title of Story: Wise Guys (WIP, if aformentioned Beta Reader has a better title idea, I will consider their opinion)
    Fandom: (Original) Any Mafia movies, games etc..
    Plot summary:
    This story follows the story of Francisco Botenzi, who was born to two Sicilian immigrants. Out of a job, Francisco, or Frank as he is called, is forced into finding creative ways to pay his bills, and is looking for something a bit better than the labour jobs his parents were forced into. Through connections, Francisco meets Emmanuel "Manny" Rennasino, who is a successful, business oriented wise guy. Frank has started working for Manny, in order to pay his bills and create a better life for himself then he had growing up. But Frank will come to see that it isn't easy in this business.
    Genre: Action, Crime
    Rating: M for violence, depictions of crime, coarse language, suggestive themes, alcohol references, sexual themes (nothing too hardcore)
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive, plot, character
    Writing sample of story:
    “ Hey Manny,” was the sound rippling through Gino’s Bar, the central drinking hole of Little Italy, the nickname of the Italian Ghetto in Seaport.

    It was Antonio “Tony” Lombardi, son of the leader of the Lombardi family, Ricardo Lombardi. Tony was a bit of a spoiled brat, but in honesty, Manny didn’t mind the guy. Tony was wearing a black three-piece suit, which is what most Mafioso prefer to wear. Tony was a short guy, but built like a tank. Tony is a pretty good fighter, and few could match with him. Tony had his short black hair gelled back.

    “ Hello Tony, what is it,” was Manny’s reply as he shook Tony’s hand.

    Tony was usually Ricardo’s messenger boy, so Manny knew something was up. Tony motioned Manny to follow him to a booth, and the two sat down inside the booth of the Bar.

    “ So, Manny it seems that French b*****d Giguere has decided to not pay his protection costs. You know, for his tailor shop on Thirty-fourth Street. I need you to remind him why he needs to pay those costs. I had Dad call off the protectors, so you can move right in,” Tony explained to Manny.

    Manny nodded in approval.

    “ Yea, I can send some of my guys on it,” Manny replied, brushing off Tony’s hinting that he wanted Manny to do it.

    “ May I ask who these guys are, if you have made your decision,” Tony quietly asked Manny.
    “ Freddy Salence and Frank Botenzi,” Manny quickly replied,

    “ I’ve been looking for a chance to test Frank.”

    “ Good, good,” Tony assured himself.

    “ Now, I must be going now, Father has some business for me, so arrivederci my friend.” With that, Tony got up and left the bar.

    That gave time for Manny to do some planning. Manny got up out of the booth and over to the public telephone. Manny picked the phone up, and began dialing Frank’s number.

    Other: This is my first fanfic, but I do have RP'ing experience so keep those things in mind. (Not to sound like a d!ck) I also tend to have short chapters as well.
  • Meeptasm

    Title of Story: Team Evolite: The Eevee Rescue Team (I know, I need a better subtitle...)
    Fandom: Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon)
    Plot summary: On her way to become a top rate solo explorer, Eevette, a young and very pompous Eevee, happens upon another of her kind, only his fur is a sterling white... and his only memory is of him once being human! Together, Eevette and Nico must travel the land of Divelo and find out how the white Eevee ended up on the beach and what happened in his past to transform him into a Pokemon. However, lurking behind the darkness, many enemies are working against our two fledgling heroes, seeking to stop them in their tracks. But with Nico's mysterious ability to see past the past the darkness and discover the unknown, they might just survive find what they're looking for.
    Genre: Adventure
    Rating (PG, R, etc): RP-PG13
    Type of mentor needed: Plot/Grammar (One that can give good advice on where to veer the story when it starts to become boring as well as a grammar "professor".)
    Writing sample of story:

    Eevette: But that’s not fair! There are many solo explorers out there, some of them very famous!

    ???: They’ve earned the right to explore alone. If the Board deems you skilled enough, they will allow you to train as a one-Pokémon exploration team. Until then, you must have a partner.

    Eevette closed her eyes and ground her teeth out of frustration. She obviously wasn’t happy with what she was hearing.

    Eevette: I would find one, but there’s no Pokémon in this desolate town remotely worthy of being my partner…

    The voice behind the gate gave off a heavy sigh, which sounded like the hoot of a melancholy owl.

    ???: With that attitude, it’s no wonder you can’t find a partner. You run off every Pokémon you meet instead of trying to learn about them. Like I said before, the fact that Eevees are extremely hard to come by doesn’t put you above anyone else. Until you accept that and make a friend, you are not to bother us again. Now I must get back to my tasks, so I’m afraid you’ll have to leave the premises immediately. Have a good evening.

    And with that, everything became silent, aside from the hushed whispers of the gentle summer breeze. For some time, Eevette didn’t move from her spot. She was immobilized by a mixture of shock and wrath.

    Eevette: (How… H-How DARE that inferior Pokémon talk down to me! Without showing his face, even! Does he not know who I am?! I don’t care what he says! These Pokémon aren’t even worth having their names memorized, let alone become acquainted with! Well, I’ll show him! I’ll show them all!)

    She bowed her head to view the charm hanging around her neck, and her unpleasant scowl transformed into a fulsome grin, her remaining fury into a powerful confidence. Spinning around to show her back to the guild, she directed her gaze upward and shouts to the sky a boastful decree

    Eevette: Hear me, Pokémon of the land! You might be unaware of who I am for now, but I swear upon the treasure hanging from my collar, you will soon know my name! One day, the whole world will recognize the amazing talent of Eevette, solo explorer extraordinaire!!!

    Other: Well, I guess my writing abilities began to form when I took up roleplaying during my high school Freshman year. I've done many partial stories since then. I know I'm not the first to say this, but I have so many ideas swimming in my head that I try to put onto paper, though I never really finished any of them due to a mixture of writer's block, and a major lack of moral support as well as a number of friends who would just laugh at my ideas. I understand the basics of writing a story already, such as setting and character development. However, I need a lot of help on the details, like how to make people sympathize with the characters and how to keep the plot interesting without it running on and on. I also get a lot of my material from the games, like most other people, but I sometimes have trouble morphing that material into something original. If anyone can help me with becoming the best fan fiction writer I can be, I'd be a very happy Meep.
  • Khawill
    Title of story: Risio's Story
    Fandom: Pokémon
    Plot summary: Risio has moved to Rosepetal City, located on an island known for the sadness people feel when they go there. He explains his life on the island, and the people he met.
    Genre: Tragedy/Drama
    Rating: T
    Type of mentor needed: Plot, Proof-reading
    Writing sample of story: "The island is said to make people sad, and the stories are true. That girl you saw, you made her happy even here, and that should make you happy, even if you feel empty inside.” She looked at me and tried to smile “I don’t know if that girl really existed but, rumors say there are spirits of the island and maybe she was one. You should get home though before you get rained on more.” I couldn’t say anything; I had a heavy chest and a lump in my throat;
    Other: I've written 4 other fictions, 2 of them adventure, one tragedy, and one psychological. My strength is versatile plot development, weaknesses are grammar, spelling and minor plotholes
  • Star Girl
    Title of Story: Uniting the Five
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: A post-apocalyptic fanfic revolving around one girls rather reluctant journey to put things back together. Based off of most of the Nuzlocke rules with a couple of ones I have thrown in for the story.
    Genre: Adventure
    Rating (PG, R, etc): T
    Type of mentor needed:Comprehensive
    Writing sample of story:
    We were children, just children, when we saw our world turned upside down.

    Ethan and I were just five when the dissolving peace between the five regions disappeared like it had never existed with the death of President Helton. He was the last stronghold of peace between the regions. The Teams who ran most of the regions behind the scenes dissolved into a full out war against each other to try to gain more control.

    The Elite tried, they did, but eventually they disappeared into hiding. They may be strong but they only stood so much against an army. No one has heard from them in almost seventeen years now. Most think they are dead, but I think otherwise. With the regions so scattered as they are it may be just as dangerous to return to the real world as it was when the war started.

    The war lasted three years, three long years. What happened in the mean time changed the world forever. Some cities and towns disappeared overnight. The major thoroughfares were altered and changed from the bombings. Nothing would ever be the same again.

    Three years after it started, supplies and troops running low what remained of the leadership finally called for a ceasefire. The fighting ended just as quickly as it seemed to have started to Ethan and mine's young eyes.

    The fighting wasn't without a price even to the small town of New Bark Town. While we had usually been ignored for larger cities such as Goldenrod and Olivine it didn't mean we had the occasional attack.

    With the fighting over the regions had isolated each other in order to heal. However the distrust now ever larger than ever, no one, not ever Kanto and Johto had tried to make contact again. Eventually over time even the cities themselves had become isolated from each other. The war having caused such distrust that many felt it was best to keep to themselves. And since there was central government to unite us there was nothing to stop us from becoming isolated. When the teams had withdrawn to try to heal themselves after the war they themselves had caused so had the last of the central government that had kept Johto together. So most cities turned to their own citizens for a way to create order and leadership.

    New Bark Town was no exception to the rule, while we had a town council of sorts we also had a person designated as our spokesperson/leader. Professor Elm filled this role. Our biggest contact was with Cherrygrove a city just a few miles down the road from us with a bit more limited contact with Violet City a bit further off.

    It had been 14 years since the war had ended. People moved on, children grew, and cities began to get back on their feet. But the weariness that had existed since before even the war had begun kept the region from reuniting under a central government again. From what little we had heard about Kanto it was supposedly in the same sort of disrepair. The remaining three regions had lost contact with us since the end of the war.

    It would take a big force for the cities to start talking again, it would take an even larger one for them to reunite like they once were.

    Other: Writing is going to take time due to the fact I am playing under a rule that all tasks must be accomplished by 6:30 pm.

    Also would love for someone willing to beta in the LONG run or be willing to beta a second fanfic. This is a prequel to another project (non-Nuzlocke) that has been in the works for years now.

    Oh and story timeline may not always line up perfectly with the game. Meaning some events may take place out of order due to how my brain comes up with it. I only seen this happening once so far but then again I've only outlined up to the edge of the Illex Forest so far and were talking a grand story that's going to overarc over five regions so anything is up for grabs except for some major events.

    Been writing fanfics on and off since I was in grade school. My current style of writing only really began to develop when I was in my first couple years of college (so about five years back now). It should be noted that I've never been really great at summaries so if you want a better idea of this story PM me and I can message you the first two chapters.

    Also expect to maybe edit two or three times I have the tendency to go back and edit things multiple times before I'm happy.
  • imevil
    Title of Story: Varus (Name subject to change, just temporary)
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: An ex-Team Plasma officer leaves Plasma after the events of Pokemon Black. He leaves with items of importance to Plasma and they go after him. He must fight for his life to escape, and bring down team Neo Plasma.
    Genre:Action, Drama
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG-13
    Type of mentor needed: Comprehensive, I'm sorta new, but anyone who specializs in anything story related would be ok.
    Writing sample of story:
    It had been years since it ended. Since Varus had left. Since Varus had quit. Since Varus had escaped. He was alone now, other than his Patrat. They always told him it was weak, that he had to get rid of it, it would slow him down. But he couldn’t do it. Now that he escaped, he released all his Pokémon back to the wild. He was hoping they would find the trainers he stole them from. He knew it would probably not happen, but he still hoped. He thought back, what got him in all of this? He used to be an innocent child. His youth made him gullible, for an orphan like himself; he thought he had found a home. He wouldn’t need to go from Pokémon center to Pokémon center. It was a mistake. And now he knew they would come after him, he knew too much. He knew about their plans to reform. They would try to stop him, and there was only one person that could help him. There was only one person powerful enough, and willing, to take on the whole organization. He knew he would need his help, he needed to find N, N would be his last hope.

    Other:First fan-fic!