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Ribibin Triss - Markus

While Maverick answered more questions, Ribibin calmed down and sat waiting patiently. She was going to be a good, obeying soldier. She had to, otherwise women didn't last long here.

"Good." Maverick place on his helmet once more and the psychic shield dissipated from the room. "Let us head out Knights." With that, he led the knights out from the meeting room. Ribibin fell into the line of knights without caring who she stood beside. She noticed, however, that is was Tesus. Another Grovyle who looked nothing like Maverick. Tesus skin was black like the night and his leaves were red. Ribibin just gave him an acknowledging nod before turning her head forward again. Something about him was certainly intimidating. Maybe the scars or maybe just... never mind.

Just then, the council descended from the stairs. Maverick immediately bowed to them and Ribibin who was now pretty close behind the commander did the same on impulse. She sneak peeked up at the councilors. They all had such majestic looks and pompous faces... wait, what was she thinking? She shook the thoughts off. Something was off for her today, she was edgy. Not a good day to start an important mission on... a small part of her hoped that the mission would only be based on mere rumors just because of that.

The Orator himself, Fergus, smiled and spoke. "Arise Knights, we have just received a very important piece of information from the interrogation room." Ribibin got up and dared to look up at the Gengar's large face. "Apparently in every enclave there is a map detailing the location of other enclaves. Once you have led your forces inside Maverick your chief concern should be finding this map and securing it. It could prove to be an effective way of ending this war."

Obviously, Ribibin thought. If she would find that map, they would surely find her useful and a good knight... or someone of her male colleagues would take the map and pretend that they found it. Probably. She shook her head slightly again. There she was again today with these thoughts. She was being even more pessimistic than usual. Then Urit, the Swampert on the council, suddenly commanded a guard to get a drink for him. Typical, the Weavile still allowed herself to think.

"Also, it would prove very invaluable if you are able to secure a prisoner for us," the Orator continued. Now, Ribibin's ear sharpened. "I am afraid that the prisoner we have does not know much about the other enclaves and it would be even greater if you can capture one of their own soldiers."

Joshua, a Breelom on the council that Ribibin disliked especially for his views on poor people, then spoke up. "It has come to our attention that with a soldier we can gain a wealth of information concerning their military structure and how we can slip Knights through their ranks with ease."

She almost wanted to sigh. Again, obviously! A clever woman could have thought up these so called plans ages ago. But these... no, she would stay calm. Gosh, she needed to get out and get some fresh air. She needed to get out of town. That was probably why she was being so easily annoyed; she hadn't left Markus in quite a while. Hoping nobody saw it, she closed her eyes for a while, calming herself down.

When she opened her eyes again, it was just in time to see Maverick tell them to set off, outside and through the now lively streets of Markus, towards their fateful mission.
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