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so many team updates:

Species: Quilava (gained levels from battling bixi [and I think I forgot to update after fighting Hiromu's lucario])
Nickname: Raizer
Lvl: 33
Moves: smokescreen, ember, quick attack, dig, flame wheel, aerial ace

Species: Trapinch (training posts)
Nickname: Ace
Lvl: 25
Moves: bite, sand tomb, sand attack, sandstorm, dig, earthquake

Species: Duskull
Nickname: Specter
Lvl: 18
Moves: night shade, disable, confuse ray, shadow ball, dark pulse, thief

Species: Torkoal (battling Jackson and Bixi, training posts)
Nickname: Cauldero
Lvl: 25
Moves: smokescreen, rock tomb, ember, fire spin, rest, sleep talk

Species: Scyther (training posts)
Nickname: Hallow
Lvl: 21
Moves: quick attack, leer, swords dance, agility, night slash, aerial ace

EDIT: how can I teach Ace giga drain? he can learn it via the dream world, but how could he get it in the RP? can he just level up and learn it or would it work via a tm?

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