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Ah excuse me, my error. TinEye. I probably got confused with TinierMe.

On google I kept narrowing and narrowing down date searches, until the oldest this image has ever been on the internet is in a 2009 tumblr post, which links to a blog, which is among the three more pages in early 2010 before it's everywhere. It probably got updated, which is why it's linked from a 2009 page. (Not linking to the blog because it has NSFW content.)

The other blog is a news blog and all the tumblr pages do not seem like artist blogs.
Also, specifically the news blog's translation about page says

This blog is link free.
Link to this blog is not as long as they stick to freedom or without contact and reporting.
This blog summarizes the thread management people were anxious plate and plate breaking news animation of 2ch, mainly from plate light novel."

It's Japanese.
It's on a blog that reports stuff from 2ch.

My best educated guess is that you're not going to find the original artist unless from word of mouth, as posting on a ch and then trying to claim it later would be a mess in terms of searching.

Tried my best! o7

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