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Originally Posted by mineox100 View Post
Hey guys, I was just turning the outlines of a sprite to black. Then, I randomly sepia it in, messed around with the Hue and Saturation, and somehow the outlines got their shading back! Is it just me or is an outline shading machine? :P

Oh, and I have no idea who those sprites belong to. They do look good though.
Does work well with pixel art? I've never used it before and I thought it was a simple and free graphics program.

Also, I'm sure this would help, Penetrait

The sprites were a project started in another website, so it's not just one creator but a bunch of spriters and pixel artists working together to devamp gen 2 + to the RGB-style. Involuntary-Twitch (who incidentally is a member in PC as well) is one of those spriters and creators of the project (look at her deviantart description).

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