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Thanks for the script, I found it pretty helpful indeed. However, I have a couple of problems with it, and it just seems strange that you haven't had the same.

Firstly, I cannot set the location for where the player goes after diving or emerging. I have found that when I dive, I go to the center of the target map, away from my intended starting point. That's fine, I can deal with that.

However, when I emerge to the previous map, I wind up outside of the maps border, trapped and unable to move.

There seems to be no way in the connections to manage this at all, so yeah, I don't know where to go with this. I think what might be more helpful for everyone though is to have a buoy to indicate where to dive and emerge, rather than imitate RSE's tiles.

edit: okay, I experimented a bit with it. Diving places you in the center of the target map, while emerging places you directly above on the target map. Weird aye, but I think it's manageable.

2nd edit: I wasn't bothered to do any mapping tonight, but I thought I'd try my hand at getting the surf sprite to work.

huzzah! (as you can tell the sprites I imported from RSE aren't too compatible with the underwater mist "weather". Don't know what I'll do about that).

I'm using JPAN's hacked engine, so it might make it easier, but I just made a level script (using this superb tutorial - why isn't it archived in any stickied thread?). Only problem with this solution is that because it's a surf sprite, half of the Pokemon is still "submerged".

The script I compiled was the following simple lines:
#dynamic 0x800000

#org @start
special 0x161
setvar 0x4033 0x1
btw the seaweed "grass" works as well. Behaviour byte 22 for the diving animation bubbles when you float over them, and background byte 19 for random battles.

Edit: Since posting here I have found that the above script I shared does not completely work, but also found, using JPAN's hacked fire red engine, another method of changing the sprite, using the runtime trainer customisation he included in the hack.


All it requires is a level script on the undersea maps, and one on the normal maps for when you come back up, to change the sprite back to how it was. Don't mind the little girl or the messed up sprite, they're just placeholders.
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