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Personally I like Golurk (which you might be able to guess by my name )
Its a giant robot. THAT FLIES. Plus it's got a movepool that helps it do what it needs to

Other favorites of mine include.... hm. I kinda like all of the 5th gen. They really grew on me. But i guess I'd go with the jelly bear Reuniclus, Elgyem, Rufflet, Joltik, Serperior, uh... and Darmanitan, especially zen form. I thought that was a cool feature.

Least favorites would be Gothita (it's lips are two disconnected ovals!?) and actually the musketeer trio. Something about them seemed creepy, like a human deer hybrid gone wrong...

@Forever Whatchu talkin' bout? Druddigin/Garbodor are awesome, even though I kinda hated them at first... but now they're cool haha
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