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Originally Posted by smile! View Post
But one thing that bothered me was... If he is indeed an experienced Vice Captain, why the heck was he sent to patrol the barriers from outside during the FKT arc? Sure, he didn't become a Captain because he was loyal to Yamamoto, but that still doesn't prevent him from joining the fight inside. We could've then seen some of his powers.

Either there's a specific reason to that, or Kubo forgets, or he just pulled "Choujiro already had a bankai looooooooooooooooong time ago" out of his random a**. As per usual

I mean, sheesh. It makes sense, of course, that he's at least very powerful, since he's the longest Lieutenant to have ever served, but still.. The only time he was seen in the FKT arc was when Shinji & co. appeared. >.>
I suppose an excuse would be Kubo wanting to keep him a bit mysterious so that he could drop this Sakusibarahemon bomb and making it a big impact. As he does a lot.
...Or maybe he hadn't decided on how to make his character.

...Although this smells of ass-pullage :P