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Quote originally posted by PsychoToxin:
Pros- More room to store scripts, and any other data that would require you to use free space finder.

Cons- None really, Besides longer download times if you were to make a patch. Lol. It's completely safe.
Quote originally posted by miksy91:
There is way more than enough room in original 3rd gen pokemon games for adding that kind of stuff. I'm playing myself with a rom file that has only ~15% of free space and even that's more than enough. In FR and Ruby, I think about half of the rom file is completely empty.

That doesn't actually qualify as something that would probably be a bad thing but then again, patch files are. IPS patches are made so that they can only be made to write data to an address that can be defined with 3-bytes so basically, from $000000 to $FFFFFF. I may not remember right but I think the offsets after the first 16MB are bigger $1000000.
Thank you both. It's probably just because of my poor sense of scale...I feel like I'm going through free space very quickly. It's fairly difficult to comprehend sixteen million pieces of data. I'll just forge ahead, and if I run out of space, I'll expand it, since there's no harm done.

Quote originally posted by south69_dallas:
i found a copy of sappy 1.6 on another forum site but when i run it i get this error.... Componet 'comdlg32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. So again where can i find a copy of sappy that works or how do i make this version work?
Be cautious with Sappy...apparently, it's finnicky and buggy, and won't even work on anything beyond Windows XP.

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