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"If you can't conform or accept my ideals and contributions here, you don't deserve a staff position on my forum anymore."

lmao that's rich. A lot of people don't agree with me 100%, or Andy, or Erica, or hell, any of the admins. Staff are people - therefore they're going to have differing opinions on how to do things. And it's that amalgamation of different ideas that's made PC what it is today.

A good administrator knows how to take those ideas and make them into something that works. Whether being an administrator on a forum or a manager on a job, the best bosses/supervisors are those who listen to and empathize with those under them and try to compromise and work things out, not just bullheadedly push through whatever they want and ignore everyone else. Guess we know how successful Lerroux will be in life now - I pity whoever winds up working for him.

And just like that, the story ends.