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Quote originally posted by holynova:
Does anyone know how to gender lock the game into male only on pokemon ruby?. All the dialogue I have added would only be relevant for a boy, So I wanna make it so you cant choose girl at the beginning.
It would probably require alot of hex editing...It'd probably be much simpler to just change the dialogue to work with both genders.

Quote originally posted by xGandhix:
I'm trying to map a bulding in Vermillion City using the tileset from Saffron. How do I do that?
In Advance Map, go to the 'Header' tab. Near the bottom, it'll say "used tilesets", and have two numbers, "0", which should always be "0" for outdoor maps, and another number, which varies from town to town. Vermillion City's tileset is "6", and Saffron City's tileset is "11". Change the 6 to an 11, and you'll have all of Saffron's tiles.

Quote originally posted by darkprince909:
So what youre saying is the final script, in essence, would be something like
#org 0x800000
checkflag 0x(flag for the event that destroyed the city)
if 0x1 goto 0x(destroyed city map)
goto 0x(normal city map)

#org 0x(destroyed city map)
setmapfooter 0x(whatever the footer for this map is)

#org 0x(normal city map)
setmapfooter 0x(whatever the footer for this map is)


A few questions about this:

How do I figure out what the footer for the map is (A8, A4 for Shoal Cave for example)? I cant find it in Advancemap, even in the professional header view. I may just not be looking in the right place though.

And when, in the story, I go back in time to before the city is destroyed, I'd just clear the flag so that it loads the normal city map?

The special 0xD5 is a ASM function that checks what time it is and returns a positive or a negative for that specific flag based on what time it is, right? And that's why I wouldn't use either of those?

And this whole thing would work with Fly, so that when you Fly to the map, it would run this script before you see anything, and would thus load the destroyed city before you land, right? In that case, would I need to place a Fly block (where you land) in the destroyed map as well? Or would it take you to the same coordinates as the warp it at on the normal map?
EDIT: I took a look at it in the ROM. It looks like the setmapfooter changes just the tile placements and permissions and loads all the events from the original map? Because all the warps and items and such are on the low tide versions and there's no events whatsoever on the high tide versions. Meaning that everything the NPCs would do in the destroyed city would have to be scripted in the normal city? And this would mean all the Warps, Fly tiles, etc would be loaded from the original map as well?

All events work fine, like sonic said. If you have the newer version of A-map, finding the footer is easy. When you first open a rom in A-map, click on "Connection List" instead of "From Header". It'll list all the maps in the game, along with "CL:[number]". The [number] is the header number, in decimal. Convert the number to hex, and you're all set

Quote originally posted by master morty:
Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this (if it isn't, then please just tell me so,) but in Advance Map, whenever I create new space to insert a map and it inserts, the name of the new map is always "LITTLEROOT TOWN" and I can't change it without changing the entire name of Littleroot Town itself. Is there a way to insert maps that have their own unique names, or at least have the name of another pre-existing location than Littleroot?

The number of names is restricted, so you can't add any more without a whole big mess. You can change the name to a pre-existing one easily enough as well. Open up the "Header" tab, and where there's a drop down for "Littleroot", click the dropdown, and select any other name. It won't change immediately, unless you "refresh", by pushing F5.


I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.