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Well, my plan backfired.

Anyways, I recall my Hypno.

ME: C'mon Palkia. Let's go.

Me and Palkia fly off, however, DPB (darkpokeball) and his crew aren't far behind...

At the Rocket Hideout, I beat many weak Rocket Grunts, until I get to Giovanni's room...

GIOVANNI: A Shaymin! Not even those bumbling idiots that represent us could do as good as you! So, what do you want?

ROGUE: All your money.

GIOVANNI: must be out of your mind if you think you're going to get your hands on my cash. Now that I have this Shaymin, I'll have no problem beating you. Use Seed Flare, Shaymin!

Shaymin: Shaymin! Min! MIIIIIINNN!

GIOVANNI: What did it just say?

Shaymin: MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!! *lets loose a Seed Flare*

ME: *walks in* What?! *hit with the seed flare, and so is everyone else in the room* Ugh...


ME: Shaymin!!!

GIOVANNI: *escapes to a random place*

ME: I guess I'll have to let the next poster deal with this...
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