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Quote originally posted by Pokemon Trainer Kevin:
Wow.... The new story looks amazing, it makes me want to play this hack even more now!

Good luck kebbles!
Thanks man
I appreciate your support.

Quote originally posted by sako:
quite a good storyline however will there be black and white pokemon
Heres your answer...

Quote originally posted by Luumy:
Wow, the screenshots looks very promising and the storyline seems interesting. I'll definitely be looking forward for future updates!
Thanks luumy
I should have a decent update between tuesday and thursday.

Quote originally posted by leachim_paloyz15:
Tiles are amazing!
Too many events happening on the story, I look forward on how you'll co-relate them with one another.

I'll be looking forward to this.

Anyway, If you want to take your hack's graphics to the next level.. I recommend you to use WesleyFG's ROMBase: Minis.

Good luck!
Thanks leach, they took some time to insert.
But theres more tiles being inserted aswell, many more..

I just summed up the story in the main post, but the story will be more in-depth in the actual game, its better like that so you dont really no the full story and it adds more suspense lol :D

And I'm one step ahead of you lol I started inserting a few of them the other day I'm just muckin around with the pallettes trying to get them perfect, but thank you anyway

(And btw your hack is looking very good, i love the updates!)

Quote originally posted by digimonqueen:
where is the download link? i don't see it.
There is none, read the original post..

*Oh and he is a little update...
Its just the start of Route One.

What do yous think?
(I know theres a few tree errors but dont mind that)
Pokémon Ice Version

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