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Pokemon Diamond, woo-hoo!

Let's start with what I've done today:

Hatched over 20 Riolu eggs in hopes of one being a female, and the odds were not in my favor. I moved them over to my Pokemon Ranch on my Wii, where they happily roam with the mass amounts of Pichus that I bred (was trying to get a certain nature).

Spent forever trying to catch a Pelliper, but I couldn't even find one. Gave up on that, and walked around randomly until I got bored again.

Played around underground, got some heart scales, and now I will go to try to defeat the 6th Gym leader~

My team: Perseus the Prinplup (1 level until Empoleon, though), Saina the Luxray, Star the Staravia (will be replaced by the Lucario I will get after all of my breeding nonsense), Glacialis the Mamoswine, Equus the Ponyta, and Magicus the Alakazam :3.
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