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Originally Posted by qaz015393:7106903
great update for the stats. im so going 2 ant 2 get Paladin Imperialdramon & Omnimon *not 2 mention others like the dark digimon*
Thanks I'm glad to see you interested in the digivolutions. I'm sorry I never messaged you back about that banner btw. I've been trying to wrap my head around ASM and other things for the hack lol.

Originally Posted by Nemisis:7109166
oh ... okie...

Wow...!!! there's been a lot of stat updates cool
keep it up
Will do. Once I have them all done we'll be extremely close to the first release.

Originally Posted by Dabulewicz:7108695
Epitaph from season 2 there is no dinobeemon. Its just an alternative ultimate digiform for exveemon and stingmon. it was introduced in video games. Its like saying agumon could digivolve into growlmon as in digimon world 3. Or renamon into stingmon and monmon into exveemon. So....
Ahh I see what you mean. My bad lol. I guess I could have the game give you either palidramon or dinobeemon, then you get a different mode of imperialdramon from each of them I.e. fighter or dragon. This digiline is gonna give me a few things to consider.

Update: I've had a temporary set back in hacking, as my computer has been temporarily banned from me because of my parents. Not to worry, I'll be back at it soon. I'll try to hand write some of the stats meanwhile so that I won't lose too much time. I still have my phone, so I can still communicate with you guys via the pokecommunity android app.[/SIZE]
I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.