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Chapter 4 – Venius Cloud – God District

I watched Raike with a calm smile; crossing my arms. Such a strange human… Did I really look like someone who’d tie him down and splatter ink designs on his skin? ‘I need to stop being healthy, then.’ I mused, simply because it was true. Being a God as well as having muscle was just asking for this sort of response, no matter how aloof one was. Eyes flickering over the tattoo just on the side of his neck, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was real. It was strikingly familiar. Did Bernkastel not have that exact design on her body as well? Perhaps the two were in the same cult…

Seeing the spark of light in Raike’s eyes, I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the elevator before the doors closed. “Sure. This place has plenty of private rooms. Too bad nobody has bothered to ask before. They’re very useful.”

Ding. I slipped out of the claustrophobic compartment and into the dining room. Thankfully, none of the participants had arrived yet. When a servant approached us, I raised my hand out to stop him before he could speak. As expected, his lips pressed tightly together in a nervous fashion.

“Mind directing us to an empty room? Breakfast would be good, too. Plenty.”

The servant breathed out a sign of relief, nodding his head. “Yes, sir.” He turned and led Raike and myself to a door just beside the kitchen; a door which upon inspection, was made to keep noise in. Giving me one of the two keys for said room, he went off to get our food. Humming to myself, I unlocked the door and stepped in first; not hesitating at all before sitting myself down at a nearby table.

The room was much more eye-appealing, even in comparison with the original dining room. Rather, it was a warm purple color mixed with shades of grey that almost seemed to be silver. The table sat, with two couches on either side.

“Have a seat, Raike. We have plenty to talk about before the interview.”

Chapter 4 - Mammon - Underworld

The demoness watched Venius from the comfort of her room; piecing through the God’s shield without resistance to see just exactly what it was that he was thinking of. The first thing she did was panic; something her comrades reminded her never to do. She didn’t think Venius had the brain capacity to remember what he did last night, let alone a signature marking on Bern’s shoulder. ‘Damn it,’ with the flick of her wrist the tattoo disappeared off of Raike’s neck, only to reappear above his heart. She needed to be more careful now that she had two contractors to obey.

Just as she was about to log out and check on Bern, however, Venius decided to wonder if the mark had something to do with a cult. Mammon sat up fast in hurt shock. It wasn’t a cult symbol at all! It was the symbol of manifestation! The bond between Raike, the human, and Mammon, the demon servant… She absolutely hated it when Earth-dwellers misinterpreted the demon language. It was annoying.

“Est lau malas a-kala zei Venius…” She breathed out; sparks of flame licking out from between her lips in reaction to the burning words.

“Wow, Mammon. Harsh,”

The demon servant jumped to her feet in surprise, only to be pulled back down by a strong arm. She let out an automatic squeak.


The male demon grinned down at her. Taking off the metal bracelets from around his wrists, he set them down on the floor. Mammon could practically see the floor go into concave mode at the unnatural weight. Zane plopped down beside her on the bed; making her wrinkle her nose in disgust.

“Gross. You smell like wet dog.”

“What were you expecting? Vanilla and lavender?”

“That would have been nice,” she rolled her eyes and manifested a bottle of perfume; then going crazy with spraying the area to smell like cherry blossoms. Meanwhile, Zane was looking up at the ceiling curiously; watching Raike enter the elevator.

“Oi, think you can ease off? My nose is still sensitive.”

“I know,” she smirked and sprayed a bit more in Zane’s direction.

“Bah…. So, why were you reciting the dictionary of insults earlier? Did Raike reject you or something~?”

“Ye---WHAT?! NO!” Mammon flushed red and turned her head away. “Some God just mistook by symbol for a cult sign!”

“A cult sign?” He looked thoughtfully at Mammon, before a teasing grin filled his lips. “Cool,”


Chapter 4 – Somal - God District

The city was a towering glamour of lights and sound. The great building of silver pierced the sky like swords. Fluffy marshmallows hugged tapered tops; the grey areas appearing to have been roasted by the sun. This particular ball of fire balanced itself on the horizon, shimmering and creating the rather usual display of ‘rolling’ forward. As the limousine pulled deeper inside traffic, it became apparent just how much thought had been put into the design of everything.

Even though the towers of cement and minerals casted high and blocked the sunlight, there was no darkness. There were no lamps or sources of artificial light, either. So, why would there not be darkness? Well, that could easily be explained through the multiple mirrors on each block; reflecting sunlight from the city’s limits, right into the heart of the God’s houses.

Streetlights and signs were not present at all, yet traffic ran smoothly in and out of intersections without a problem. What was noticeable with the dawn’s light, was that the area was lined in metallic strips; perhaps magnets. These magnets interacted with the cars in a way that it would basically control it for you. Thus, driving wheels were nearly not needed. Nearly. You still had to tell the car where exactly you wanted to go, with motion detectors and magnets making it happen.

The people wandering the streets and chatting outside café’s looked like characters pulled straight out of both Disney movies and business stock-market conventions. There were women in bright colors that overwhelmed the eye, especially a particular shade of green that seemed to be in style that season. Large sunhats hid curls of bright blue and green, and dresses of fine silk covered skin as flawless as that of flower petals. Men were a bit more open to selection; either sporting bright make-up that could compare greatly to the Goddess’, or pressed suits that carried them well on the sidewalks.

In the very back of the limo sat Somal, seatbelt not used and arm balanced on the windowsill. He gazed out the window, and then back at Ryuu as the magnetic pull slowed the vehicle down. The man gestured outside with a smirk.

“Go ahead. Jump out of here whenever you see a target you like. I don’t care who it is. Just someone you think will be fun to play around with.” Somal’s eyes flashed with a hint of hunger. “If you’re lucky, some stupid God will join to try and stop you.”

Chapter 4 – Marisa – Vampire District

I giggled out softly as I watched Kerin wander off to get dressed. Though, once he was gone, I sobered.


Once Kerin was dressed, Marisa happily followed the boy downstairs for some breakfast. Upon entering, the two were attacked by the most wonderful, welcoming scents ever. It smelt of family cooking. Bacon, pancakes, eggs; everything that makes a morning perfect and enjoyable. I inhaled deeply, and ran over to take a seat at the table. Everything was decorated differently, as well. Which was appreciated deeply, since it was know my favorite color, blue.


The clicking of heels is what snapped me back to the dining room. Slightly startled, I looked up from my empty plate, to the woman coming towards the table. I blinked, rubbing my eyes in reaction. That couldn't be... She was sparkling? Indeed she was, head to toe, covered in reflective blue-white-gold sparkles. And, she was definitely a Goddess. The next thing that caught my attention was whatever was on her head. This woman had big, curly blonde hair that basically surrounded her head and spilled down her shoulders like a gigantic scarf. Propped up on top was a crown made of star-shaped mirrors.

"Aw! You're the most precious thing ever!" She squealed out excitingly; wrapping her silky-smooth arms around my body. She reeked of some type of perfume. Probably expensive. "Oh gosh, you're adorable!" Next thing I knew, my cheek was being given a big, affectionate kiss. With her pulling away and myself gaining the ability to breathe, I looked up at her with wide gold eyes.

The eyes staring back at me all mother-like were the brightest blue I had ever seen. None of the shades in this room could possibly compare to it. In the center of each pupil. was a small white star.

"K-kerin-sama, who is this?" I asked nervously; scooting closer to his chair.

The Goddess frowned. "I'm your guide, sweetheart! For the interview," I knew that, but I wasn't supposed to. Slowly I straightened back up.


"Oh! My name is Astara, darling~" I guess that explained the whole space-barbie look.

"She is a button, isn't she? Hm, then again, this boy here is rather handsome too..."

A newer voice had come from directly behind Kerin. No sounds of anyone else had reached my ears, so I jumped a foot in the air and clinged to the woman on accident. Before I could pull away in embarrassment, she squished me against her bulging breasts. "Ohhh~! You scared her, Raum! Bad! Come, Marisa. We'll go find a lovely little dress for you~!" And before I could protest, the Goddess Astara pulled me up like a doll and carried me out of the room.

Before I was out of earshot, I quickly looked over Astara's shoulder and waved to Kerin. "Bye bye, Kerin-sama!


Now, it was just this 'Raum' character and Kerin left. Carefully, he slid out from behind Kerin and into a chair. His appearance? Well, it wouldn't have been all that surprising if Marisa HAD been scared by him. He didn't look like some evil overlord, but... Rather exotic and silly. Something you wouldn't see in the Vampire Realm. He was, obviously, a vampire from the way his fangs just slightly poked out from between his smiling pink lips. And when I say pink, they weren't a natural shade. Not to bright, but it definitely was lipstain.

"I'm guessing you have an alliance with her? Well~ I don't judge! Are there any other alliances I need to know about?" He rubbed an index finger at his eyelid absently. Once he realized, however, he sweared under his breath and wiped a bit of the banana-yellow chalky substance onto a napkin. "Did I just smudge it? Ahh.... I wish there were mirrors..." His eyelids were covered in the stuff. Not smudged, of course. The edges were flecked with long, golden eyelashes. Underneath, were two very unique eyes. His right eye was the color of fresh blood; lulling momentarily downwards before quickly rising back up into place. His left eye was a hot pink; streaks of white running through the pupil.

His hair was fashionably messy; streaked in different variations of whites, blondes, and pinks. Nearly each strand stuck out from his scalp as though wanting to jump away.

"Ahhh, I better introduce myself first! My name is Raum, dear Kerin. I am your guide starting today." He stuck out his left hand for a friendly shake. Each finger was hugged by at least two rings; each a more brighter color than the next. Covering his torso was a pale pink turtleneck. For his legs, he had on cream-colored jeans. He looked like (To no offense) a stereotypical homosexual.

A homosexual vampire was Kerin's guide.

"Are you finished eating? Because, we should really get to my studio before all the parking spaces are taken."

Chapter 4 – Natruo The Gamemaster - God District

Strong footsteps echoed through the now empty training room; bouncing waves of sound back and forth with such high quality, that even when the man stopped, the steps continued on for a few more seconds. It was like an invisible being had been following him, matching his footsteps again and again, only to mess up when he stopped.

His natural blonde eyelashes fell down upon his cheeks for a moment, orbs lowered to gaze at the slight red stains splattering the now bare floor. Everything had been moved from the training room, back into storage to gather dust for yet another year. The shine in his eyes slipped quickly into a coldness similiar to crystalized ice. A harsh look that was of both thoughtful concentration and some sort of chemical anger. Kneeling, Natruo ran along the dried blood with his fingers; slowly, as if to memorize the exact shapes and textures. A faint buzz eminated from it as though it was human. It did have a living energy. An energy that would tingle the nerves with such electric power that could only belong to Ryuu. This was what the demon had bled during their fight the previous night.

Natruo was silent for another minute, before finally straightening his spine, moving past the memory, and going to the angel district's elevator.

He now stood before Akira, looking down upon the angel with a heavy smirk.

"Do I really look like the type of God to joke around? Hm, I suppose I better fix that." Easily, he reached out and pulled the boy away from his room and closer to the elevator; then pushing Akira forward.

"I hope you've done your homework, Akira... 'Cause I'm not one to enjoy explaining things once, let alone twice." His finger jammed into the controls for the main floor. "We'll eat in the car. I'm a little disappointed in your lack of improvement, even though you had a full day to train. So, we're gonna make up for that. A little multitasking, but you'll be able to handle it. Heck, I even have your outfit ordered and ready for the interview later in the afternoon." As soon as the elevator doors opened, the God shoved Akira out and followed behind. "Hopefully you slept well? Because you won't be sleeping after what I have planned." A harsh laugh.

Chapter 4 – Seere – God District

*To Be Edited*

Chapter 4 – Preserias – God District


A faint buzzing came from the other end, as Preserias patiently leaned back in his chair. The man sat in an office setting that overlooked the district's square and a fair porton of resident houses. His eyes, a sea-storm blue, observed the figures of two men guilding a sorrowful woman into a sleek black car. Cars were extremely rare in the Angel's District not only because it was easier to fly, but because the vehicle held status. Only nobles were permitted to own them. Or Gods.

His attention went back to the phone as a translated voice came through. Preserias never needed Japanese enough to learn it. English was the most common, aside from Heaven's Tongue which could only be spoken by angels and a few Gods. If demons or vampires attempted to speak it, their throats would become raw.

"I have gotten confirmation directly from Natruo and the High Court. There is to be another participant from the Human District for the Population Games." The voice was of a young man; his japanese accent still sneaking through the translator.

"It's your district now," The angel reminded him, smiling softly.

"Sorry, not exactly used to it. Only since yesturday, Serias." Preserias was thankful for the government buildings' connections to the Human District. It kept the angels friends with the humans enough so that they were apologetic and kind. As for the demons....

"It's fine. I'm guessing that because I am getting this message, that I have to pick him up?"

"Natruo's wishes. In any case, I will send the information on the boy for you." Just after he said that, the machine from across Preserias' room printed something off. Standing up with a grunt, the angel moved over and looked through the two papers on the new participant; complete with a photo, identification specifics, background, and a little classified extras sprinkled around. Thanking the man on the other side, Preserias hung up and folded the papers into the pocket of his grey overcoat.

"I will be away in the God's District until the Population Games are over," Preserias told the guards outside the room. Then, making his way to the rooftop, the angel inhaled the cold air deeply. Well. At least it was early enough that the sun was out. With one more glance back at -his- district, Preserias opened up his silver wings and casted himself into the sky.


Within a few hours of steady flying and little wind, the angel rested on the very block where the participant lived. In fact, he could see their house. A grand building that belittled the living quarters of other humans around them. Fixing his sand-blonde hair out of his eyes, Preserias approached the gate, then the steps, then...

Ding. He ringed the doorbell. It took a while, but a few minutes later the door was answered by a young woman in an ivory bathrobe. She first appeared tired and annoyed over having been awoken so early in the morning. Then, as she noticed the person's extraordinary beauty and wings, she stumbled back and called weakly for her husband in slight fright. "U-uhm... I think it's one of your friends," She replied when asked who was at the door.

Preserias shook his head. "I'm not here for your spouse. I am here for your son, Daiki." Immediately, the color drained from her face and she slowly wandered off to find him; telling the angel to wait a moment.
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