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Ah. An interesting topic.

For me, I learned about pokémon long before digimon. The whole school played the TCG and some had the gameboy games. When digimon started popping up in my country, people thought they were imitating pokémon and so digimon never got the popularity it deserved over here. I didn't even watch the anime or touch anything digimon for many years... until some month ago actually!

I love pokémon in the sense that the concept of the games is thrilling and fun. That you can build your own customized team out of hundreds of monsters to choose from, and then battle and gain levels and... it's just so rewarding to play.

The anime sucks though. I've watched it, true, but I stopped when I grew older and even though I tried to watch the Best Wishes season, I grew tired after a while. It's clearly a young kids show without depth and no character development whatsoever.

Digimon... I've always thought their designs were cool but a bit redundant. Until I really watched the first and third seasons of the anime and took a closer look at them. The digimon anime is superb. Sure, especially the first season is a bit cliché, but the whole monsters and chosen thing... it's what people love. Gabumon, Palmon, there's just so many well designed digimon that look interesting and while I used to detest the mechanical parts that they designed the evolutions with (since I was used to pokémon, where such a thing would be unnatural) I now think it's awesome.

Never played a digimon game but might try it on an emulator, if there are any GC or GBA games. I have a hard time believing they will beat the pokémon games though.

So... as far as designs go, I think many digimon look better than many pokémon, though the opposite is sometimes true as well.

As for the anime, digimon is the clear winner, having the characters grow older and have real feelings and thoughts... compared to the plastic pokémon characters. Also, people get hurt in the digimon anime. WHOA, PEOPLE CAN GET HURT that would never happen in pokémon. Only in the manga.

Which is a completely different thing. If we would bring in Pokémon Special/Adventures into this, pokémon would win by a landslide. Had that been the anime, it would have matched the digimon anime. Sadly, that's not the reality.

Conclusion - I HAVE NO IDEA what I like best. But I guess I have to say pokémon... though the concept of digimon introduced in Tamers is really interesting... ugh. It's a draw. Though I don't really want to call it a draw either. Let's just say that I can't decide xD

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