Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Is that a Seel? I've completely forgotten about that Pokemon :P

Nice to see this progressing.
Yes it is, lol. (If I'm honest I chose it because it was one of the only Pokémon who could learn Surf and had an overworld already inserted. [/lazy])
Thanks :D

Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Anyway I don't post on this hack enough so here's a post:

This hack is epic and it's epic and it's one of the most epicest hacks around plz maek beta soon also Cubone has a type advantage over all the regis.
I think.
(Ground > Ice right?)
No. There has never been a Pokémon called Seel. Never.

Oh...okay. I thought you thought it was epic...why did you lie to me?

And yeah Cubone will pwn most of the Regis except the bosses aren't all Regis so yep. I don't know, google the type chart or something lol.

Anyway, minor update but update nonetheless.


I've inserted cuddlesthefatcat's Pyramid tile, with some edits (there was some lion inscription and some eyeball symbols in the original; they've been removed). It's such a great tile, and cuddles is an amazing pixel artist so you should definitely check out his work. :D