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Originally Posted by Plasmette View Post
Just put in zf_ and bam. Servers. Also when you join, if you wanna be on Survivor, type !zf and set your team preferences.
Awesome, thanks for the tip!

Also, if anyone's interested in items, I have a few spares that I don't intend to use, so trading or buying is welcomed for the following:

- X2 Dueling Mini-Games
- Eviction Notice
- Fists of Steel
- X2 Southern Hospitalities
- Sydney Sleeper
- Razorback
- Atomizer
- Crit-a-Cola
- X2 Holy Mackerels
- Fan O'War
- Soda Popper
- Killing Gloves of Boxing
- Ullapool Caber
- Flare Gun
- Mantreads
- Huntsman
- Righteous Bison
- Buffalo Steak Sandvich

- X6 Series 42
- X2 Series 41
- X3 Series 39
- Series 38
- Series 34

All of them craftable and tradable (duh).

Currently seeking:
- Series 25
- Pyro Class Tokens
- Sandvich
- Haunted Scrap (Every effort, and all that)
- Any hats for Pyro, Soldier, Scout, or heavy

If anyone wants to make an offer, feel free to PM me or something. I don't really feel comfortable posting a link to my Steam Community profile in public. I'm somewhat of a shy guy like that. ^///^
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