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Michael Cale – Atlantean Mansion, Boston, England

Michael felt a soft hand on his shoulder and a tiny whisper in his ear, “are you alright?” Michael spun around, heart racing a thousand miles an hour, to look at the girl that was crouching down beside him. He wiped the tears away from his eyes, feeling like a complete idiot for crying in front of the girl and pushing himself up off the ground, dusting the grass and dirt from his clothes as he sat down. She smiled widely at him, her shiny white teeth seemed even white when contrast with her tanned skin. Beneath a fringe of slightly curly hair sat two beautifully green eyes almost cat like. Michael’s heart continued to race, no longer due to the fright.

“Haha, yeah I’m fine.” He smiled back at her half-heartedly; he was flustered and didn’t know what to say.

The girl took a seat next to him, “I’m Stephanie by the way, and you are?” Michael was taken aback that this girl had decided to talk to him; he wasn’t much for socialising, nor was he a lady’s man, so when it came to women, his flatmates exempt, he was completely useless.

“I’m Michael, Michael Cale. N-nice to meet you Stephanie.” He winced as he stuttered slightly, but watched as she didn’t comment on his stutter, but rather laugh instead.

“Your accent is cute! I wish I had an accent like yours. So if you’re here, that means you have an ability of some kind. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours first.” Stephanie again smiled that perfect smile at Michael, making his heart flutter.

Michael was starting to feel at ease around Stephanie, he couldn’t place his finger on it, but there was something about her, maybe her ability or just some natural air she gave off that made Michael feel more relaxed around her. “It’s pretty useless, all I can do is see through walls. Oh, and somehow I managed to see in infra-red today, but that’s all I know about it.”

“That’s an interesting ability, I’ve encountered several interesting abilities, but none quite like yours, Michael.” Again, she smiled at him making him feel better about himself for a brief moment.

“Yeah, but it’s pretty useless, though.” He lowered his head.

“We are all like that in the beginning, but you can probably do more, you just don’t know it yet.” She gracefully put her fingers under Michael’s chin, lifting his face up so she could look into his eyes. “You have an amazing pair of blue eyes there Michael.”

Instantly, he began to blush, “Ah, thanks, haha. So what is your ability, Stephanie?”

“Call me Steph,” she started, when she was going to continue Blayze arrived on the scene, having walked from the mansion over to the both of them.

“Michael, what are you doing out here? The food is back that way dude.” He let out a laugh, seeming to have ignored Steph sitting on the ground beside him.

Michael took a quick glance at Stephanie and she held up her finger to her mouth in a motion of silence to Michael, which he understood to mean that she didn’t want him talking about her, before turning back to Blayze. “Uh, sure,” he took Blayze’s hand his stomach growling as he got up off the ground, “I’ll follow you in.” Blayze simply nodded, turning to return inside.

Michael look quizzically at Stephanie, as if to say ‘what the hell was that?’ but she let out a silent laugh, coming up close to his ear and whispering, “Pheromone Manipulation, I’m here, but people just don’t notice me; just one of my many tricks.” Michael was awestruck, amazed by this girl who had quite literally just walked into his life.

“I’ll meet you in your room after,” Stephanie winked at him before departing across the field. Immediately Michael felt a drop in his emotions as she left, he really like this girl, and something about her just made Michael feel as if he was on cloud nine. He never considered the fact that she could be manipulating him; the thought never crosses his mind.

He walked into the hall and joined the cue for food, noticing out the corner of his eye as the big biker dude and his girlfriend sat at a table with Oakley and Kieran, Michael feeling something deep inside him stir as his eyes fell across Kieran looking at his sister. He turned back to grab some food before sitting at a nearby table. He remained silent for the meal, despite the attempts at conversation people tried with him; finishing quickly before hurrying off to his bedroom.

He slowly left the dining room, turning left and sprinting down the hall, past the garage, turning right up past the hospital and up the stairs to the boy’s wing. His heart raced as he looked forward to seeing Stephanie, arriving at his door huffing and puffing.

His heart dropped as he realised that she was not waiting for him in his room. Letting out a sigh, he dropped to his bed, staring up at the ceiling.
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