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Hmm, a thunder Skyline? Well, I'm gonna give you a suggestion to make it look really sick. I'm sure you want my advice. Idk how hard it would be but it's completely possible with a little of your time, maybe a hour or two. But, what I would do is shrink the tire size to about 20, 21 with 35 to 40 tire profile and about 245 to 255 tire width and about -1 ride height as a start. The body kit looks fine, looks like the same pieces I use except the spoiler, rims, exhause, lights, and the front bumper looks like it might be different. Now for the design you should put a stripe down the middle of the side. I'm gonna try to explain it (the stripe should be angled just enough so it covers almost the whole back side of the car and make sure it covers the top side and leave a couple inches for the bottom behind the rim, and the strip should be angled so it lines up with the back side of the front rim and seems how its angled your gonna want to add another stripe this time straight and cover the angle on the bottom and leave the sideskirt alone.) That is the main strip on your car. After that make the hood black and keep the car blue I'm really diggin the turquoise color. Make sure the strip is black to its darkest shade and on the inside you should make it look like an apocalypse storm that is gray and have blue lightning strikes that are really skinny. Then on the hood have 2 ligntning bolts 1 one each side but make them flow together. You wanna have a lot of detail in your ride especially for offers. You don't need to nececarelly be like me and put a bunch of aftermarket decals but you wanna give your ride a really good reason for people to look at and make them think "whoa did he seriously make that ride"? You see what I mean? It's gonna take practice and an imagination but you will feel good about it in the end.

Ok, I really don't wanna do this but I'm sorry but I have to. I have done my fair share of cars and this is just the beginning and I'm not sure if this is the final car design (my cars are kinda still in beta) you will notice slight differences than the previous cars, well some of the cars. But, so far this is what I have.

My 64 Impala. Shes a beauty ain't she? The car changes colors from different angles!

Once again my Mustang GT with a few slight changes.

My Skyline has a few changes as well.

It's not exactly a mature ride but, the Buick is known to be a drug dealing car so this goes very well with it. I also don't like race cars but I thought I might give it a shot.

Here's the ride everyone knows me for, you will not find a clone of this car anywhere it belongs to me! Same with every other car but this is the first one I made. RX8 Shinka.

This is the ride you suggested so you did it to yourself LOL.

Nothing much done to this Challanger but there isn't much you can do...

This car has returned but nothing has changed.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Sypder. This car, is my latest one.

The 350Z ras returned nothing changed either.

And, what you all have been waiting for my Lamborghini Gallardo!!!
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