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Here's the post about Ruby.

  • Picked the male character, and soloed with Treecko until I reached Dewford. In Granite Cave, I caught a Mawile that I named Cruncher.
  • Avoided Brawly's gym since Mawile's weak to Fighting. Instead, I went onwards to defeat other gyms. After battling Flannery, I went to the desert and caught a Baltoy that I named Zero.
  • Zero wasn't that useful in the beginning, so I just gave it the Exp. Share and let Cruncher do all the work until Zero evolved.
  • After easily beating Norman and Winona, I caught the final member of my team, Spooks the Duskull. She was just like Zero, not that useful until she evolved.
  • With all of Hoenn's gyms down, I traversed onto Victory Road and the Pokémon League.
  • The Pokémon League was honestly harder than I expected, but my team pulled it all the way through, and I became the champion of Hoenn!


Cruncher the Mawile, Lv 58 @BlackGlasses (♂)
Crunch / Fake Tears / Bite / Vicegrip

Zero the Claydol, Lv 57 @Hard Stone
Psychic / Earthquake / AncientPower / Hyper Beam

Spooks the Dusclops, Lv 57 (♀)
Shadow Ball / Ice Beam / Confuse Ray / Will-O-Wisp

HM Slaves:
Grovyle - Cut / Flash / Rock Smash / Strenght
Gyarados - Waterfall / Surf / Dive
Wingull - Fly

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