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Shadoan gave a smile as he put his notebook away. "I'm Shadoan, and Avaith is my pokemon... Like Kiba said, we found you unconscious in the mountains. So we brought you here to get you treated... We have another in our group, but he's busy fighting dragons at the moment..." He dug through his fanny back behind his hip and pulled out Julia's pokemon, all 6 pokeballs and laid them on her lap. "Im guessing these are yours, we found them beside your body when found you." He gave her a kind smile as Avaith grinned and gave a simple bow to Julia as he then turned his attention to his loving mate, Mello."What's your name?"

Jev glanced over at Foxtrot with an agitated look.
"Shadoan wanted me to come with Jack as apart of some training. He swapped me out for Echo."
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