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Japanese totodile 40 HP
Japanese Grimer 50 HP
Japanese Trainer Card of a lady holding a amster ball
Professor Elms training methord with a big blue E in the bottom and a bold yellow outline instead of the normal yellow
Japanese Sparrow 50HP
Japanese Ekan with a blu haired trainer
Dark Vaporeon
Dark Raticate
Japanese Cubone
Japanese Ghastly with a Black haired lady in corner
Japanese evolution of meowth
Japanese Butterfly thing from older pokemon
Japanese female nido thing
Blaines Charmander and Charmeleon
Team Magmas Rhyhorn
Lt. Surges Sparrow
German scyther
Magmortar LV.X
Shiny Typhlosion 100 HP knows flaemburst
EX Emerald Exloud
Crystal guardians dugtrio
Team Aquas Carvanha
Misty's Horsea and Goldeen
Spoink with the blue e and weird outline
All delta species have basic and the circle the lower evolution goes in?
Light Sunflora and Light Dewgong
Japanese trainer with a group of pokemon including snorlax hitmonlee arbok machamp etc
Celebi EX
metal and phsyic jirachi
japanese raichou
articuno red hp
Brocks primeape
zapdos red hp
dark weezing
Shiny rampardos
Swampert crystal guardians earth
shiny machamp
shiny victreebel
crystal guardians fire and metal shiny kingler
dark golduck red hp
japanese lt surge pikachu
dark kadabra
2 different dark houndooms
metal jirachi
shiny beautifly
japanese shiny poliwhirl
shiny dustox
dark falffy
japanese shiny snorlax
japanese shiny togechic
shiny kabuto red hp
shiny altaria
weezing with the blue e
shiny honchrow
blastoise ex
marshtomp crystal guardians shiny
swampert shiny
mew red hp
light slowbro red hp
mew ex
dark pupitar and tyrannitar
shiny haunter red hp

alot of the orginal design trainers and red hp pokemon
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