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Jericho Heiko: Syndicate HQ?

Wait, what? Heheh. Really, who was this dude? So, Annoying Kid, as originally expected, was totally annoying. He seemed to have this odd belief that he'd be "working with them." Well, he may have been working with them, but he wasn't working with him. Jericho wasn't here for... Him. Whoever he was. Jeri wasn't ashamed to admit he was slowly forgetting his name. He remembered Stevens (well, not his first name (it was Arthur or something, probably)) and Jeremy because he'd known them (somewhat) prior to this. And he remembered Ms. October because well... She seemed important. However, this kid--Lenny or something--was a joke and was going to go through this "I don't know your name" thing a couple times over.

Jeri smiled as Lenny or whoever made his spiel, finding it humorous, to a degree. He laughed quietly behind closed lips and then said, "Wait, wait." He laughed again and then continued, smiling. "Who are you supposed to be? Don't get me wrong or anything, not trying 'offend' you or anything. You know I'm new here uh... Lenny? Is that your name? Yeah," he nodded his head in remembrance, "Lenny. I'm sorry, but... Are you supposed to be important or something? You don't seem important." His smile widened, and he shrugged, an innocent ignorant. Stevens asked a question to the Directive, wondering who he was. Well he's the Directive, of course! Jeri thought in his mind. He really didn't quite get what it meant to be "the Directive". What was that even? A directive... Was that just another way of saying he was in charge of them, basically? It seemed like it. Alternatively, he could always be there to... You know... "Direct" them. Direct them where? Who knew? Howeveer, Jericho wasn't all that interested in the where. He just wanted to figure out how to get this power thing down and then he was... You know... Finished. With this uh... Syndicate thing.

Stevens then asked him and Lenny what their powers were. Honestly, Jericho had no real clue. He was pretty sure it had something to do with pyrokenetics, but Peter seemed to have a different idea. He was dead set on it before, but suddenly a doubt started to come over him. It was true! He could shoot fire, at some point, maybe, but if Peter had this twisted, messed up thought in his head that it had nothing to do with fire, then who was he to argue? It's not like he watched himself make fire or anything. But Peter was smart, so maybe there was more to it? Jericho didn't really feel like explaining to them that he had no idea what it was. In fact, he didn't feel like telling them what it was even if he did know. Why was it so important? Just wait and see! Maybe he was just being unreasonably hostile. He could always just answer the question and get it over with. Unfortunately, it was never that simple. People liked to see things. First he's explaining, then he'd demonstrating. He figured he'd just tell them something that would stop the questions immediately.

"I explode things," he said half-sarcastically, and then added, "not everything, though. Just organic things, so no cars," he shrugged, as if disappointed. "And they have to be alive, you know... Right now." And that's all he really needed to explain. He really doubted that was his actual power, but no one would be asking him to demonstrate. Unless... Unless they drug in some expendable worker. That would be tragic and just a little (heh, a little) scary. If it turned out he could really explode things, that would be awesome, but realistically (because you never got more than you expect, or even just that) he probably didn't. How great would that be? To be the the guy. The really cool guy who could just make things explode randomly. Mm. Only in an ideal world... He half wondered if the Directive--who seemed to already know what his power was--would just tell them what his power actually was. He wouldn't have minded since that would have given him an idea on what it really was. It didn't really matter... They'd probably figure it out soon anyways.

After he finished the short summary of his power that didn't exist, he looked towards the really annoying Lenny and raised a brow, waiting to find out what his power was. He was kind of obligated to listen (it wasn't like he was really concerned or anything).
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