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Ive just stopped caring about battling OU in general at the end of the last suspect round, of course you arent going to agree with me but OU has become a stale poop pit and as it is my favourite tier there literally is no point in playing it anymore because of the no suspect tests for it. Its boring, nothing happens in it, same old crap every battle. Id even prefer those "can we test Lugia and Giratina" in ou posts to be put into commission over this swamp of staleness lol. I mean i could get to #1 now but what is the point ? Voting reqs was a big motivational factor for me to have MY say on things.

Our own suspect tests that i proposed earlier may help a little with this but hmm.

Ive played ubers/other gens recently, but no one PC really plays them so it makes me less motivated to do so. =/

Even up until last year id of posted my threat list AND my tourneys by now and enthusiastically. Now im just like "whats the point?" and more recently just "ughhh" and ive even been questioning taking a LoA and quitting mons until next gen so hopefully it wont be as sucky. I might try NU as a last gasp for interest. Im only on the server now to have fun with you guys lol.

Essentially tl;dr, because pokemon sucks now and was once fun because of me being able to participate in OU suspect tests i find it hard to have fun here now too.

^Thats the reason why i havent been as active here as i once was.
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