Thread: FireRed hack: Cubone and the Power Crystal
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Originally Posted by teejermiester View Post
Actually, Ice is super effective against Ground. I think you're thinking Rock, which is super effective against Ice.

Anyway, this hack looks amazing, and sorry for not posting sooner, I haven't gotten around to lurking PC as much as I should :)
Haha, thanks for clearing that up :D

Thanks, and don't worry, you're not obligated to post. I feel warm inside everytime somone does post.

...ahem. Anyway! Updates~


-video removed. check the first post for the updated version!-
Just a puzzle I've been working on ;P
The pyramid tile is by cuddlesthefatcat, the interior tiles are from Emerald and everything else was made by me :3 The intro image for the pyramid is a placeholder, I've yet to insert the new one. Also, just as a note, the order of those gems will almost definitely change upon the release, and there will be other puzzles that won't just give you the answer :D