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Originally Posted by kebbles View Post

Thanks leach, they took some time to insert.
But theres more tiles being inserted aswell, many more..

I just summed up the story in the main post, but the story will be more in-depth in the actual game, its better like that so you dont really no the full story and it adds more suspense lol :D

And I'm one step ahead of you lol I started inserting a few of them the other day I'm just muckin around with the pallettes trying to get them perfect, but thank you anyway

(And btw your hack is looking very good, i love the updates!)


*Oh and he is a little update...
Its just the start of Route One.

What do yous think?
(I know theres a few tree errors but dont mind that)

Regarding this:

Hahaha! Good luck inserting.

I know how that kind of trolling feels. xD xD (~kidding.)
Yeah, it's really not fun to play a game when you know everything.

No biggy.

Well, as you can see, I'm not really dedicated on working with it as much as you are.. but thanks anyway.


Route One looks awesome. I wish I'm as talented as you are when it comes to Tile Insertion. xD xD

Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
Thursday Update:
*First Post
-Pokedex has been updated
-Aswell as the Special Event
-Progress Report

-I was only going to show the screen with N, but I've been working on Pinewood Forest and wanted to show everyone the tree.

-Things are running smoothly, I need an Pokemon Icon inserter if anyone wants to help out? I just completed Route One and I've started scripting Morwell but I've still got to do inside the Gym, Pinewood Forest and the Special Event. But yeah like I said things are running smoothly, hope you enjoy the update.

As for this:
Updates looks nice!

Though, the 2nd screen's trees look a bit edgy(square-y, if that makes more sense. ), and I know that you'll put in more things there like OW's and other tiles, so I won't say that "It looks empty." Or did I just said that?.. xD xD

Anyways, good updates you got there! This'll be one of the hacks on my list. Keeping an eye on this one.

Good luck!