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like DarkDoom3000 said, the Copper Town looks very standard, and need some different house stylings. All in one but it's good to work with it and it's nice to see it in a game (:

But your Route 2 is also like DarkDoom3000 said, very hard. Think about, you have passed the half and your pokémon has only 3 HP left and no potion or oran bery or else in your bag. you can only pass with a lot of luck this route /:
Build in some ways the player can go to avoid wild pokémon battles. You can place some grass-tiles in the way, but not like you did here on the screen ._.

Looks great only thing I dislike is the standard laboratory of Prof. Oak. It looks a bit different from the tiles. all tiles are a bit grey and then there is this house from oak which is shining in some bright colors. Maybe you could replace it with Prof. Rowans house. But it won't be necessary.
What I like on your screen is the pokébar on the top of your screen *_*
Looks great!

My first time to publish a screenie here on this forum.
I saw a lot of backgrounds you all used instead of the standards and I'm not realy talented in drawing and pixeling, so I used some premade stuff from RPG VX Ace q:

I think it looks good, but what you think about?

first one is in 480x320 resolution
and second one is same screen just in 240x160 resolution

I know it's everything on german but I will also translate it into english (the text only, system is actually in english :D). So please don't kill me for this ._.

Tell me the truth. Does it look ugly or does it fit in some strange ways? oO
I don't know. I think it looks very good in some way"

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