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I started learning about rom hacking because of Mewthree! xD I kept hearing of this fanmade Mewthree so I randomly searched it up one day when I was bored on Youtube. "Pokemon Chaos Black Mewthree" I thought it looked so cool. Then the comments said "HACK!" "CHEATED!" And I was confused. I searched up something like "Pokemon Chaos Black Hack Mewthree" then there was one video that said how to make a Mewthree sprite that I watched. Then in the sidebar it said how to replace Pokemon in rom hacks and so I clicked that. That's how I was introduced to unLZ.GBA. In the sidebar was also this crazy stuff: Advance Map, A-tack, Advance Text...
And then I learned about a whack a hack or whatever that website is called, and I get all my tools for rom hacking from there.
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