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I have been thinking about T&E a lot lately, and what should be done with it. In my opinion, we should start out small, and build on it. Clans simply aren't working. Each clan requires at least 5 active battlers (15 overall for three clans), which we clearly don't have. I can only think of about 3-5 members who actively visit CBC and battle. We don't have enough members for clans to thrive, and even if we did, they probably wouldn't be active regardless. No matter how many clan events we introduce, clans individually will stay inactive. I find that clans are outdated now that battle simulators are being used instead of Wi-Fi. Back then, clans were used to schedule battles and trades between clan members, which greatly enhanced activity. (Not to mention everyone was probably more enthusiastic about battling, because Wi-Fi battling was released recently.) Now they're just seen as another way to ladder, post your battles, and nothing else. I doubt anything will happen within clans, outside of tournaments. Speaking of clan tournaments, I believe they're redundant. Why should there be tournaments within a very small clan that can barely garner any members to hold one, when there could be a tournament between the entire community? We need activity within the actual community before we try and split it up. It's understandable if we were a large forum, such as Smogon, since members might want to hold a tournament within a group of friends. But that isn't the case for us, CBC is too small for that to work. What I am saying is, it's possible to have events like a competition between every clan, but to make each clan active separately, would be very difficult to do. Even if that did happen, I doubt we would be able to retain that activity. Not only that, but we always have to worry about keeping clans active if clans stay. What if we want another event? Not going to happen unless clans become active, since we don't want to distract attention from clans to the new event. We are likely to run into these problems again and again. I think we were too confident when we made clans. Activity was booming at the time we made clans, so we didn't think about the problems clans would introduce if that short span of activity disappeared. I propose that we abolish clans.

The actual concept of clans won't be lost, or at least we would have something similar. I have been wanting to do something similar to the Smogon Premier League. Unlike clans, each team wouldn't have their own thread to keep active. We would keep the battling discussion in the battling chat where it belongs, while the ladder will remain as a convenient method to find a battle. Basically, it would be a tournament consisting of teams. Therefore, we wouldn't to worry about keeping clans active. I am not saying this should be made soon after removing clans however. Just like clans, it requires quite a lot of members to function. It's a possibility later down the road as a better replacement to clans.

What I think we should start with is the PC tournament, along with the Community Night. Echoing what I said before with the PC tournament, we could hold different themes after each tournament to keep things interesting. Perhaps we should make a main thread for PC tournament discussion. Then make separate threads for the themed tournaments that can be posted and hosted (lol) by different members. The main thread would be for discussing the next theme, deciding on who should host the next tournament, etc. I think this would be a simple and easy way to encourage battling in different tiers (and battling in general) and makes things more interesting around here. Additionally, tournaments technically only need 4 members to work. Obviously, that wouldn't be very exciting, but we have to start somewhere. If we can keep this and Community Night running properly, I'm sure activity will eventually increase and we can then produce slightly bigger events. That isn't counting independent tournaments, as well as PO server tournaments. After that, the main forum might become more active once we have more members to post RMTs and such.

tl;dr: get rid of clans, revive the official pc tournament that consists of themes, and get commnight working again


@ Dark Azelf: Legion of Supremacy sounds like the annual Get-Together tournaments I host. Essentially a point-based tournament, yes? We could either keep it exclusive to the GT, or have it all year around, with the risk of members eventually losing interest. The ladder is pretty much the same thing as well, just on the server.

Your Battle Frontier idea is the same as a league, right? Basically, have roughly 5 members as "brains", "gym leaders", or whatever, and everyone else can challenge them to see if they can beat them all. I think it's very possible. Also, I really like your "best out of 3 battles" idea, it fixes the issue we had with the past PC league and Motisma league (hax). And it would be more difficult to fish for hax by battling the same gym leader over and over. We should definitely incorporate this in the next league, and possibly tournaments. I have seen it work for Smogon's tournaments.

@ Alexial: Regarding your "Yay let's change stuff! - No wait, I'm gone" comment, I'm sure everyone has done that at least once. I have done it many times in the past, so you shouldn't worry about it haha. I do think we should try and retain a decent amount of activity constantly, instead of having these short bursts of activity that dies down a week later. We should try to log onto PC at least three times a week, or something similar.

"Is the inactivity experienced by everyone stemming a boredom of competitive battling? Or have they fallen out of love with PC as a whole?" Probably the latter, I'm sure members have lost interest after all of CBC's tried attempts to be active. We also can't fix the former, because even with events battling will still remain as a boring activity for them. I think trying different tiers and themes should make battling more interesting however. It's true that doesn't work when there's not many people playing in different tiers, but the PC tournament and tier discussion threads could help with that. Personally, I'm very confident that if we begin with small events, and then introduce bigger events as activity increases, we should do fine. But that's only possible if everyone makes the effort to make that possible by participating in tournaments and such.

Sorry to be like "we already thought of that lolz!!" with Elf, but Community Create-A-Team is one of the events we have thinking about doing (see this). Regardless, it's definitely something we should consider.

@ Forever: Maybe. We had prefixes for CBC (or was it S&M? idr) in the past, but they were pretty ugly. Most members tend to ignore them when making a thread as well.