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Ryuu looked outside of the limousine that carried Somal and himself deep into the city of the Gods. Ryuu didn't bother to look around at the architecture of the city. He didn't find those things interesting. What he was curious about, however, was the people, the Gods. He wondered exactly what kind of people they were. To have risen above the other races as their supposed superiors, it was needless to say that he expected much. He was actually kind of excited. He hadn't fought many Gods before. In fact, Natruo was the only one, and he remembered how it went. It was still one of the best fights he had in his life, even if he didn't get a unanimous victory. But as Ryuu got deeper into the city, he began taking note of the appearances of the Gods. It wasn't what he expected. Though, given the reputation of what he had heard all along before, it should have been what he was expecting. Still, he thought it would be much more, not a group of pompous people he had already begun to hate. Something about their appearances reminded him too much of home, of his life back in the demon district, the life he hated. He began to angrily grit his teeth and clench his fists as he angrily looked out into the crowds of Gods. The limousine then came to a halt, and Somal spoke to Ryuu.

“Go ahead. Jump out of here whenever you see a target you like. I don’t care who it is. Just someone you think will be fun to play around with. If you’re lucky, some stupid God will join to try and stop you.”

Ryuu looked at Somal for a moment with a sour look, then back outside. He was watching them, contemplating. Was there really anyone worth fighting? No, he couldn’t think like that. He knew the reputations the Gods have gotten compared to any other race. He knew behind the fancy clothes and bright colors, they could fight, they could hold their own. But Ryuu wasn’t looking for someone who could simply hold his own. He was looking for something more, and in his contemplation, he figured out just the way to do it.

Ryuu opened the door outside and stepped out, looking around the city. His eye was caught first by a café in which Gods sit, conversing. Then he looked over on the opposite side of the street, where parked vehicles lay. Ryuu cracked his knuckles together, followed by his neck as he made his way to one of the parked cars. He stopped right in front of the side of one car, and admired it for a moment. After a few seconds, Ryuu knelt over, and grabbed it with both of his hands, and began to struggle. With all of his might, he began forcing his hands up, attempting to pick up the car. His struggling turned to grunts, which eventually turned to him screaming loudly, causing several passersby to look at him. The car suddenly was picked up off the ground, and hung between Ryuu’s arms. Ryuu took a few steps forward, and on the traffic that separated the café he had his sights on and himself. A time of horn honked as people looked at him with mixed emotions of bewilderment, disgust, and fear. Ryuu eyed the shop with a grin on his face, and with a mighty heave, Ryuu tossed the vehicle right at the shop with a loud scream leaving his mouth at the heave. To Ryuu, the vehicle seemed to go in slow motion through the air. Many people, including himself, watching as the vehicle rotated through the air, eventually making its impact at the target. The café’s entire front section was decimated as the car passed through it and slid into the section where people sat. People’s screams of shock and surprise were heard. Eventually the car stopped coming to a halt with a loud bang. Ryuu smiled at his handiwork, impressed with himself as the café erupted in flames. He sat down on his behind, his arms rest on his knees, and waited, sitting still in the middle of the street. He made occasional glances to the Gods who stood around, either giving him mixed looked, or simply staring at him. There was a lot of different reactions of many of them. But Ryuu was looking for something specific. Eventually, a God in a suit took of his hat, and began approaching Ryuu, and angry look on his face. Smiling back at the God, Ryuu got up. Ryuu knew this was the perfect way to get a certain someone’s attention. By tossing a car like he just did, he was certainly going to get the attention he wanted. But he still wanted to test himself against one of them. And who better than someone who still approaches him ready to fight, even after seeing what he can do? Ryuu wasn’t certain who the God was that was approaching him, but he knew he was either very stupid, or very strong.

Ryuu began noticing as the suited man sprinted forward at him. Ryuu paused where he was, and looked at the ground, his veins showing as he appeared to extend his arms, and screaming. Rocks began popping up out of the ground, and then eventually formed into a wall right in front of Ryuu. Usually this Earth Wall would be a defensive move used to protect against oncoming attacks, usually projectiles.

But not today. Ryuu forced the Earth Wall off of the ground with his will, and began charging forward, the wall now acting as a ramming hammer, and the target was the God on approach. Ryuu couldn’t see his face, but imagined this wasn’t what he was expecting.

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